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Stalkers Set To Really Enjoy The Wedding Of Prince William And Kate Middleton

HURRAY! There’s a Royal Wedding! Of course, every single Briton absolutely adores those deserving, clueless, blueblooded lizard men!

Naturally, there are those who don’t really like the Royal Family, but you can’t complain too much because they’ve wafted their well-bred hands and got us all a day-off work, which collectively, we’ll not want to enjoy too much on the off chance it makes us look like we’re rooting for those scaly swine!

Either way, the Royal Wedding, complete with capital letters, is going ahead and whether you like it or not, it’ll be the talk of lovers and haters alike while Prince William stands very upright gnashing his impossible teeth and Kate Middleton looks for all the world like she’s to become The Next Princess Diana (aka designed entirely to be slightly less posh than her new in-laws, forever to destined to nod meekly at AIDS suffers and limbless orphans).

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Posted: 21st, April 2011 | In: Royal Family | Comment