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Heraldry goes mad in Deal

DEAL Town Council and Deal Town FC, both in Kent, have been told that their official crests have to go. The Borough of Deal no longer exits, and the council and football club have been using its crest. The badge that does not exist features a Roman Centurion and a Royal Marine. 

Facts: Julius Caesar landed in Walmer near Deal. The Royal Marines first base was in Deal. 

Deal mayor Marlene Burnham says it is “.

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Posted: 16th, February 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment

James Bond is nothing but a beer-swilling sell-out

YOU may think James Bond is a suave, sophisticated man. That’s probably because he drives expensive sports cars, travels in luxury, always has a nice watch on and is the epitome of tailored cool. Right?

You couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, Ol’ Bondy is ditching his famous Martini in favour of being a loutish, beer swigging, burping sell-out. That’s right. No long will Bond be asking for his cocktail ‘shaken, not stirred’ because he’ll be too busy crushing beer cans on his head and howling at football matches (what team does Bond support anyway?).

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Posted: 24th, May 2012 | In: Film | Comment