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Free speech: feminist and LGBT groups run scared of University of North Carolina abortion debate

Campus life is an intoletant place. Kaitlyn Schallhorn looks at the story of one female Pro Life student’s dealing with feminist and LGBT organizations at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington.

Madison Marston invited UNCW’s National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL), PRIDE, and the Women’s and Gender Studies Student Association (WSSA) to join the debate on Ratio Christi’s chat “Abortion and Human Equality: A Pro Life Defense of the Unborn”.

All the groups declined.

Fair enough. You don’t have to speak. But their response said much about how intolerance and the exchange of ideas is taboo.

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Posted: 18th, February 2015 | In: Reviews | Comment

Should Spurs fans say the word ‘Yid’?


LOTS of people say words that make others feel uncomfortable. Look at 99% of every hip hop record made in the last 30 years. People also feel funny when they hear the word ‘vagina’, which is pretty weird.

In football, Tottenham fans have reclaimed the word ‘Yid’ – an antisemetic term that was once the mainstay of rival teams, looking to put the wind up the North London club. Spurs fans now refer to themselves as the Yid Army and sing a number of songs using the Y-bomb.

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