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Declan Hainey Murder: photos, the devil Kimberley Hainey and playing politics

DECLAN Hainey was murdered by his mother, Kimberley Hainey, 37. Declan Hanley’s body was left to rot in his cot for 8 months while Kimberley Hainey pretended he was alive. The Press Association has distributed photos of Declan’s home in Paisley, Renfrewshire. Declan was 15-months old when he was last seen alive. His body was partially-mummified.

The Daily Record calls Kimberley Hainey a “devil mum”.

As ever the tabloids seek to excuse the sink of human behaviour by cloaking it in something other than human. Hainey told the court:

“I was branded a monster mother. It’s not true. He was not murdered. He was not given drugs, I never did anything to harm my son. He was the most precious thing in my life.”

Janice Burns goes on to talk about Hainey in a more human setting:

Hainey was put on methadone after Declan’s birth in April 2008, and was under the care of Renfrewshire Council’s Family Matters team of health workers.

She was signed off the plan in August 2009 and her case was closed. Workers were satisfied at the time that Declan was a much cared-for child.

Declan was last seen about the same time. His gran, Elizabeth Rodden, found him dead at his home in Paisley in March last year.

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