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WATCH: Dennis Skinner MP loses it on BBC News – walks off with microphone

Labour MP Dennis Skinner loses it on BBC News, then casually wanders off with his mic on.

It is, says  “wonderful lunchtime viewing”.


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David Miliband Misspells Diane Abbott’s Name As Dennis Skinner Reaches For Osborne’s Cocaine Line

EVERYONE is so excited about the Big One. No! Not the World Cup. No! Not Big Brother. No. this is the Labour Party leadership contest. Who do you want to lead the Labour Party?

Well, if you’re a Tory, you want pretty much any of them. Let’s take a look:

David Miliband: has a slightly lob-sided face. On the telly, people with lob-sided faces are always up to no good. Backs Diane Abbott on Twitter – oh, the dignity of office – by spelling her name wrong:

Gather John McDonnell pulled out. I’m going now to nominate Dianne myself. Encourage others to do the same.”

Ed Miliband: Wallace and Gromit life model who talks from the back of his tonsils.

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