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How ‘Loathsome’ Jan Moir Buried Herself And Stephen Gately

jan-moirIN Anorak’s Stephen Gately Watch, we brought you news of the Daily Mail’s Jan Moir and her headine shocker:

“Why there was nothing ‘natural’ about Stephen Gately’s death”

On the Mail’s site the healdine has now been altered to read:

A strange, lonely and troubling death . . .

The article is a calcualted slight that seems to suggest Stephen Gately’s being gay caused his death. The piece even talks of murder. You can read Jan Moir’s choicest cuts here, like this gem:
Whatever the cause of death is, it is not, by any yardstick, a natural one. Let us be absolutely clear about this. All that has been established so far is that Stephen Gately was not murdered.

And you can follow a spoof – no, Jan Moir is not the work of master parodist – Twitter feed, highlights of which are:

Janmoir and #janmoir:

jontypryor: is about to have a bath. I may drown. Y’know, cos I’m gay… (kudos to @kevpeel) #janmoir

grabcocque: It’s the kind of article that makes you want a shower after reading it. If you happen to know #JanMoir, do your duty by giving her a slap.

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Derren Brown Lottery Balls Evokes The Radio Ventriloquist

archieHOW did Derren Brown pull off his lottery trick in which the illusionist picked the six winning numbers? How did someone performing on that must trusted of media – the telly – pull of a trick? Derren Brown brings back memories of radio ventriloquists who were great exponents of their art until someone filmed them doing it. Hey, Derren, we can see your lips moving.

Paul Daniels told us before the TV trick:

“He could get it exactly right … [but] it is much better for a mentalist if he gets one wrong. It is more believable. I would be very surprised, however, if he gives away a damn good trick but, even if he does, there are another 99 ways to do it.”

Of course there are 99 says of doing it, Paul, because magic is magick and there is no containing it. One viewer observed Brown’s slight of hand:

Between Derren saying “23” & “28”, the left-hand ball moves upwards! (clearly the moment of mixing from split-screen to full-screen again, after correct-numbered balls have been placed).

As Derren jumps around on his half of the screen and distracts you fwom any wobble, the last word is with Paul Daniels:

He said Brown was unlikely to give away his secret and would instead be vague in his explanation, employing “gobbledegooky” and putting the trick down to something like “neuro-linguistic programming”.

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How Derren Brown Won The Lottery

TV illusionist – see the clue, reader? – Derren Brown got all six balls right on the lottery draw he televised because he… didn’t. Yeah, It was a trick to promote his new show…

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