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Derrick Bird Was Stopped By Red Lights And Prostitutes: News Round Up

DERRICK Bird: He murdered David Bird; Kevin Commons, 60; Darren Rewcastle, 43; Isaac Dixon, 65; Michael Pike, 64; James Jackson, 67, and his wife Jennifer, 68; Jane Robinson, 66; Kenneth Fishburn, 71; Garry Purdham, 31; Jamie Clark, 23; and Susan Hughes, 57. Bird then killed himself. The news round-up:

First up some more facts about the murders:

Daily Mirror: “57 MINS OF MAYHEM

Armed police feared Derrick Bird was planning to make a deadly last stand after killing 10 victims in 57 minutes, officers revealed yesterday.

The Sun: “Killer’s deadly dash in 65 minutes

CRAZED cabbie Derrick Bird killed ten of his 12 victims in just 65 minutes of horror, police said yesterday.

A boy’s story supplies more facts, laced with a bit of horror fiction from the Mirror’s Rebecca Evans. Jordan Williams is in the papers:

I stared into killer’s eyes ..they were black like a bird looking for its prey

Kind of:

Bird gunned down cyclist Michael Pike before turning his pitiless gaze on horrified schoolboy Jordan Williams standing a few feet away.

Jordan said: “He was staring straight at me. His eyes were black like those of a hawk looking for prey. I stared back. He’d just shot a man in front of me. We were like it for about seven seconds, but I didn’t run. I don’t know why. For some reason he just grabbed the wheel and started moving.”

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