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Derrick Bird: Snuff Movies, Books And Raw Entertainment

DERRICK Bird: Coverage of Cumbria’s ““TAXI TERMINATOR” (Daily Star) in the press has not always been sensitive. Jaime Reed, MP for Copeland, Cumbria, tells the House of Commons that the media needs to do better. He called for a “better, enforceable code of conduct for the media“.

In such situations, there is no place for the media’s invented exclusives, its prurience and voyeurism, its mawkish brutality and its cold-blooded pursuit of profit at the expense of the families of those most affected.

Do you show pictures of the mourneres at graveside? Anorak had the pictures but decided against it. But the media has a job to do. When shot taxi driver Don Reed shows his wounds to the cameras he wants to be seen. So. The pictures and his story are published. Les Hunter wants to talk about being shot.

Everyone expects intense media coverage of tragedies such as that which affected Cumbria, but do people really expect the news to give way to entertainment?

Yes. Anyone who has watched the treatment of Madeleine McCann, Stephen Griffiths – the Crossbow Cannibal – or any story that is blessed with celebrity angle expects entertainment. Lady GaGa made an entry into the Derrick Bird murders. Readers do not always care. Readers just like to look.

I wish to talk about the behaviour of much of the media in recent weeks, and the anger and dismay that it has caused among my community.

You can go too far. Giles Coren went too far, using Derrick Bird to plug his anger management book. (he later apologised.)  The Sun went too far in its snuff movie.

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Posted: 26th, June 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment