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When Tiger Woods’ Porno Shag Devon James Met Dustin Diamond: Sodom Revisited

JUST when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Saved by the Bell flunky Dustin “Screech” Diamond, the loser manages to go another notch lower on the ladder that is life-after-fame, writes Anorak’s Man in LA.

When legitimate producers stopped calling, his homemade porn tape bombed and his tell-all book didn’t top the Times bestseller list, he had to do something to keep his name out there.

That “something” turns out to be an evening as the “special referee” at something called the Celebrity “Big Bang” Wrestling match tonight in Philadelphia.

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Devon James: Tiger Woods Paid ‘Son’s Mother’ For ‘Dirty Sex’: Pictures

DEVON James says she has given Tiger Woods the other son he always wanted. The boy is called Austin T James. Devon James says the ‘T’ is a tribute to the boy’s dad – Austin Todger James?

We know Austin James is Tiger’s boy because Devon says the golfer was “the only African-American man she dated at that time”.

Tiger Woods’ Women (alleged)

Tiger is Blasian. He is not Afro-American. But he is an untypical golfer who isn’t a brilliant pink, so who can tell?

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In Pictures: Meet Tiger Woods’ Latest ‘Victim’ Raychel Coudriet

TIGER WOODS: After Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson, Joslyn James, Loredana Jolie, Julie Postle, Theresa Rogers and Devon James, meet Raychel Coudriet.

Raychel Coudiert is billed as “a neighbour’s daughter” with his hypnotic charm (you must see this) and neat line in smut:

The National Enquirer says he joked about her “cleaning his golf balls”, America’s National Enquirer magazine.

Story continues after gallery:


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Devon James

The two of them had sex on a couch for hours, right next to a crib for Tiger’s children.”

She’s 22. She tells “a pal”:

“I felt used and violated, like I meant nothing to him but a night of casual sex. I wanted to dig a hole, crawl in and die.”

Or maybe – just maybe – give Gloria Allred a call.

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Tiger Woods: After Devon James Meet The County’s Adulterers

HAVING met Devon James, the latest porn star to be connected with Tiger Woods we know learn that Devon is Britain’s ”most unfaithful county’‘. Devon James is a victim of nominative determinism. Pass the clotted cream…

The press release from Onepoll says around 44% of married Devonians are ”playing away”. Given the regions remoteness and hatred for neighbouring Cornwall, the chances are that many of the 44% are shagging each other.

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