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Tabloid Scare Stories: watching TV gives you diabetes

watch tv diabetes


The Daily Express says “Watching TV Gives You Diabetes”.

The Express has a keen interest in diabetes. This year to date the paper has been hot on diabetes, its causes and its cures:





Today’s sensational news is that “scientists” say that watching TV does not give you diabetes. But sitting down for long periods whilst fat might be a contributing factor in contracting the illness.

So. As you were:


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31 minutes a night more sleep can kill you (but at last you won’t get diabetes)

daily express sleep kills


The Daily Express often leads with news of diabetes cures. In 2014, the Express told its reads that diabetes had been cured by cheese, jabs, chocolate, pills and sunshine. Today the paper says diabetes can be prevented by…sleeping.

But take not to sleep for too long. Thirty minutes more sleep is the recipe for good health, taking your nightly kip to eight hours. A minute longer and you are dead. Because too much sleep could kill you!


daily express sleep kills

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