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Michael Jackson Joined The Raelians And Wanted Shaheen Jafargholi

jackson-t-shirtMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Millions expected in LA to check that Jackson is dead; Elizabeth Taylor refuses to attend; Shaheen Jafargholi is to be cloned; and Jackson joined the Raelians…

The Sun: “Shaheen Sings for Jacko – Boy, 12, joins Wonder, Carey and Usher”

The Boy Wonder. He’s 12. It’s OK, Shaheen, Jackson’s dead. That can of coke will taste exactly as you’d expect, no top notes of claret and base notes of soapy suds.

BRITAIN’S Got Talent schoolboy Shaheen Jafargholi is sensationally set to sing today at Michael Jackson’s memorial. The stunned 12-year-old, of Swansea, was invited by the Jackson family, who told him the King of Pop was a huge fan of his Jacko tribute act.

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Michael Jackson Funeral Schedule And Concert Details

jackson-madame-tussauds2MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Win a ticket for Michael Jackson’s funeral; Jackson was killed by his debts; and funeral schedule in full…

The Sun: “TOUTRAGE – Fury as ticket lotto winner fleece the fans”


Anorak agrees – anyone who secured a ticket to the big Jackson sing off should be made to attend. It’s what Jackson would have wanted.

One seller out to make a killing crowed he bagged FIVE for the glitzy 10am memorial show in Los Angeles, which will follow the 8am private family funeral.

Jackson Five? What are the odds?

Metro: “Jackson memorial – the Lucky 8,750 fans are chosen”

The chosen few.


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30 Chimpanzees Escape From British Zoo

bubbles-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: THIRTY chimpanzees have escaped from Chester Zoo. Bubbles! We’re coming for you, Bubbles.

The death of Michael Jackson affects us all in different ways. That snub to Bubbles – note even second choice to look after the Jackson children; then caged and conspired against – is hard to take.

Can the animals make it to London’s O2 centre in time for the big show and to spirit the Jackson children away?

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Michael Jackson’s Pet Bubbles For Sale

michael-jackson-michaels-petsMICHAEL Jackson’s old mucker Bubbles is for sale.

Says Bubbles:

“I hope Diana Ross kicks a bucket better than she kicks a football. I never liked her.”

Spotter: M Kritharis

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael’s Pets (Original official 1987 US licenced ‘Bubbles The Chimp’ plush toy featuring Bubbles wearing a cap, shirt, tie and jacket. This toy comes complete with the original story and song cassette and still attached to the original picture card packing).

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Michael Jackson’s Secret Lover Revealed

michael-jackson-loverMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard Matt Fiddes tells of Jackson’s secret lover and drugs; and Diana Ross is the Jackson daddy reincarnated…

Sky: “Drugs Hell And Secret Love Of Michael Jackson”

Michael Jackson had a long-standing secret girlfriend and died from drugs supplied by unscrupulous doctors, his bodyguard has told sky news.

Girlfriend. So Matt, having introduced the secret lover, who is she?

“I’m not going to name who she is but I think the family were aware that there was someone special in his life who he loved and adored and had his ups and downs with.”

Thanks for sharing it with us, Matt.

“I don’t know how long they’ve been a couple. I know she’s been with him for some time in different capacities but… it’s up to her if she wants it to come out or the family to speak about this very private information.”

Don’t worry, Matt, we’ll keep schtum. This is just between us. Anything else?

I never witnessed him actually taking drugs but I knew they were there and I confiscated packages, and Uri [Geller] did too.”

Drugs found at popstars home! Who would have thought it?

“The doctor had such an influence over Michael that we felt our efforts were falling on deaf ears.”

Well, he is the doctor. You are the bodyguard. And Geller is the man who can bend spoons. Jackson might have been of sound mind after all?

“As far as I’m concerned they have Michael’s blood on their hands, they know what they’ve done and there’s people out there who could have helped, could have stepped in but didn’t for financial reasons.

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Michael Jackson Leaves Children To Look Alike Diana Ross

diana-ross-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson forgets Bubbles and hands children over first to aged mother – and in second place is his big haired alter ego Diana Ross.

Jackson is dead, kids. So here’s Diana Ross.

Dad – that you, dad?

“No, kids. It’s me Janet. Uncle Diana’s with Bubbles…”

The Will In Full:

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Michael Jackson’s Last Will In Full


MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Jackson’s last will in full…

MICHAEL Jackson’s will, made on July 7, 2002, hands his entire estate to the Michael Jackson Family Trust for his children. It also names his mother Katherine Jackson as the children’s guardian.

Should she not be able to care for them, the children should be cared for by Diana Ross.

His estate is said to be worth $500 million. And there is no mention made of Jackson’s former wife Debbie Rowe or his father Joe Jackson.

Jackson’s estate is made up of “non-cash, non-liquid assets, including primarily an interest in a catalogue of music royalty rights which is currently being administered by Sony ATV, and the interests of various entities”.

In a statement, co-executors of the will Mr John Branca and Mr John McClain said:

“The most important element of Michael’s will is his unwavering desire that his mother, Katherine, become the legal guardian for his three children. As we work to carry out Michael’s instructions to safeguard both the future of his children as well as the remarkable legacy he left us as an artist we ask that all matters involving his estate be handled with the dignity and the respect that Michael and his family deserve.”

See OK! magazine

The Will In Full:

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The Most Bizarre And Worst Celebrity Dolls Ever Made

BARBIE is 50 this year and Anorak brings you the 50 Things You Never Knew About Barbie. But Barbie is not the only celebrity doll. There have been others. And Anorak brings you the strangest, least-deserving, most bizarre and downright odd celebrity dolls ever – enjoy:

Karl Lagerfeld, Angelina Jolie, Ann Coulter, Bill Clinton, Bindi Irwin, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Caylee Anthony, Charles Dickens, Diane Ross, Donald Trump, Drew Carey, Albert Einstein, Elton John,George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Hugh Hefner, Jennifer Lopez (NSFW), Jerry Springer, Jesus, John Travolta, Kelly Osbourne, Laura Bush, Lemme,Lindsay Lohan, Nirvana, The One, OJ, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton,Princess Diana, Rosie O’Donnell (Barbie!), Sarah Palin (schoolgirl), Nicolas Sarkozy voodoo, Seth Godin, Snoop Dogg, Suzanne Somers (with thighs!), Sonny, Steve Irwin, Timberlake and Jackson, Tom Cruise, Tori Spelling, Vanilla Ice, Victoria Silvstedt, William Shakepeare action figure, Winston Churchill.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Credit Crunch Survival Tips.

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