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X Factor: Diana Vickers’ Translated

WHEN Diana Vickers sang on the X Factor we too wondered what language she was using. Or was she using them all at once in her tune My Wicked Heart (aka Maaaiii Wiiiquid Hurtt)?

In this video, the words are transcribed for you to decipher and try to understand the message within…

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Radio 1 Big Weekend In Pictures: The Race To Be the UK’s Lady Gaga

DAY 2 of the Radio 1 Big Weekend, at Vaynol Estate in Bangor, and with Sue Pollard pre-booked, it’s left to Marina Diamandis, of Marina and the Diamonds, to wear Thumper’s old bedspread, huge bins and call it edgy fashion. The UK needs a Lady Gaga, apparently, Paloma Faith was the front runner, but Marina is catching up. By our calculations, in accordance with Boy George’s Karmic scale, Marina is a few inches of genitalia away from being Our Lady. Keep it royal…

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In Pictures: Cheryl Cole Works The Bangor Stage At Radio 1 Big Weekend
Jared Leto’s Day Trip To Bangor: Radio 1 Road Show Pictures


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Rihanna performing on the Main Stage at the Radio 1 Big Weekend, at Vaynol Estate in Bangor, North Wales.

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In Pictures: X Factor Diana Vickers Does The Scala

DIANA Vickers – an X Factor semi-finalist – was singing at London’s Scala. The singing was good and Vickers, once billed as the news Sandi Shaw (the old Sandi Shaw refused to relinquish her title, or die as we call it, and Vickers became her own singer), has found some boots. But our eyes were on the venue. The place used to an all-night cinema, somewhere to go when you’d run out of money and needed to drink and smoke while you waited for the Tube to open. Film buffs would take to making airplanes from paper, lighting them and launching them towards the screen. No-one throw a lite ball of paper at Vickers. She was better than that…


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Diana Vickers performs on stage at the Scala, in London.

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X Factor Loser Diana Vickers Is Ready For Her Close Up

vickersTHE Lancashire Telegraph’s Nafeesa Shan is at the Vaudeville Theatre to see local girl Diana Vickers – the X Factor agonist – take on the role of Little Voice.

With her fresh-faced beauty and amazing singing style, East Lancashire’s former X-Factor star is proving to be a hit in her acting debut in Little Voice, at the Vaudeville Theatre.

Leading to the Daily Mail’s:

What a spot of bother! Diana Vickers suffers from a bad skin day during her West End debut

All depends on how close you are to the action… Pass the sour lemons.

All the pictures from the show here…

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Eoghan Quigg Is And Orville Duck Whittington

Eoghan Quigg?
Who issssss-ah yur veeeeeeery bearrrrrst fri-eeeee-i-end?
You are, Diana Vickers.

No longer. The Star brings the font-page news that ex X Factor screecher Diana has dumped ex X Factor Eoghan “FOR CHRISTMAS”. They are the ex-X Factor exes.

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Britney Spears Show Diana Vickers That Anyone Can Be A Star

X FACTOR agonist Diana Vickers will now open her private photo album for OK! readers and other voyeurs.

Diana is the show’s non-dancing, whispering, shoeless singer, who only ever hits levels audible to non-canines when she stands on a drawing pin or asks viewers to vote for her.

Vickers is in the “Ah – She’s Only Young” age group, which affords singers the right to be utterly devoid of talent but still possessed of hope.

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