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A nuclear bomb is not a dirty bomb

I’M not sure here whether it’s the Mail getting things mixed up or whether we’ve actually got a government minister getting mixed up. The likelihood of either is so high that who is able to tell?

A dirty bomb attack is a ‘real threat’ faced by Britain, the Foreign Office will warn today. The government claims nuclear terrorism is still one of the biggest threats to global peace. Minister Alistair Burt will use a speech to warn of the dangers posed by a rise nuclear weapons being smuggled around the world.

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Posted: 1st, November 2012 | In: Money, Reviews | Comment (1)

The Dirty Bomb Plot To Kill Obama

TO Barack Obama’s inauguration. And the story is that a dirty bomb is being made ready by white supremacist.The Barack Obama Death Cult is in session.

Forward to December 9, 2008 and the body of James G. Cummings, an alleged white supremacist millionaire is found in his Belfast, Maine, home. Shot dead.

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Armed Courses: Sending The Troops Into Britain’s Schools

THE Conservatives have unveiled their “Troops For Teachers” scheme. “SEND IN ARMY TO SORT OUT SCHOOLS,” says the Express on its cover.

The Sun says servicemen and women “would be paid to re-train as teachers on leaving the forces in a bid to boost tough inner-city schools.”

Yeah, nothing like a few trained killers in the tuck shop to teach those cocky kebab shop knifers what’s what.

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