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Mother devastated after son in wheelchair left to the side in class photo delighted by retaken picture – photos

ANNE Belanger was upset by her son’s school class photo. The picture showed her seven-year-old son Miles with his Grade 2 classmates at Herbert Spencer Elementary in  New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. But he was apart from them, ostracised from the group in his wheelchair.  She wanted the picture retaken. She said:

 “I couldn’t comprehend how the photographer could look through the lens and think that this was good composition . . . this just boggled the mind,” she said. In the photo, the class is arranged in three rows, with the teacher standing on the left… This was not a malicious act, I don’t think it was done on purpose. I just don’t think there was any rational thinking behind it.”

You can see Miles beaming and trying to lean into the picture.


Miles Apart:

class photo disabled


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Manchester United mercenary Robin Van Persie parks in disabled bay for two days

FOOTBALLERS are dreadful aren’t they? They get paid all that money and for what? To roll around on the floor pretending to be in agony while overweight people tell them that they’re rubbish at their job. It really is astonishing. Then they go and kiss their badges before buggering off to the next better offer. Dreadful.

And now, to cap it all off, they probably hate people with disabilities.

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No Standing In the Disabled Section, By Order

FOOTBALL club bans fans from standing in the disabled section: pictures:

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How To Rob From The Disabled

Nothing highlights the gaps in British society more than yesterday’s quiet introduction of new Draconian standards designed to strip cash benefits from the disabled.

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