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Hurricane Sandy is here because of those awful gays

THE weather is not something anyone can control, not that religious people understand. They’re like those people who wear lucky underpants, thinking it has any discernible effect on an upcoming football match (your pants/god has about as much influence as the lifeless mop in your kitchen).

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Posted: 30th, October 2012 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)

Celebrity Feared Lost On Air France Airliner: Pictures

air-france-air-lanesAN airliner on its way from Brazil to France is missing. And to make sense of the sense of disaster and loss, the BBC trills:

Riverdance star on lost airliner

First the shock that Riverdance is still performing its two-limbed frenzy. And then the celebrity angle:

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Plane Crashes in New York: 48 Dead

TO New York, where a passenger plane has crashed into a home a few miles from Buffalo airport.

All 48 people on board are killed.

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