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Rihanna unfollows Chris Brown… not because he slapped her about, but because of a song

CHRIS BROWN may be the most jarring goon in the world, but Rihanna still stuck by him. Even though he knocked ten shades of shit out of her, she thought she’d hang out with him, lift a restraining order and record a couple of duets with him. Everyone spat feathers and no answers were forthcoming.

It looked for all the world like they were going to get back together and many started to grind their teeth with vexation. However, there’s a development! It seems RiRi has finally had enough of Breezy and his adoring simpletons! So what has he done this time? Well, she’s unfollowed him on twitter (the worst thing anyone could ever do to another human, clearly) after she heard his latest song.

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Posted: 11th, May 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment