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Monopoly Game Row Leads To Domestic Violence Arrest

Alyssa Ferraro


Today’s mugshot features Alyssa Ferraro, 21, arrested after a row over a game of Monopoloy New Hampshire.

Ferraro told officers “she got into an argument with her boyfriend over a game of Monopoly and open hand slapped him in the face”.

The boyfriend was not badly injured. But Ferraro was arrested and charged with domestic violence related simple assault.

Yep, she went to jail, directly to etc…

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Paul Simon and Edie Brickell: Who Beat Up Who?



REMEMBER Edie Brickell? She was a pop-folkie way back when for Generation Xers. She’s best known for ‘Circle’ (here, with the catchier-than-mumps “I quit, I give up” hook) and ‘What I Am” which was covered by Spice Girl Emma Bunton of all people.

That is, she’s formerly best known for these things: now, she’s going to be known in the press as Paul Simon’s Wife, which of course, is what happens to any woman married to someone more famous. Look at how talented clothes designer and fashion powerhouse L’Wren Scott was referred to as ‘Mick Jagger’s girlfriend’ when she died.

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50 Cents mocks domestic abuse charges

SEXISM, bigotry, sexual assaults and other horrible things have been a hot topic over the last week or so, with notable Twitter users going on a 24 hour strike for womankind. The news picked it up, people argued and debated… and all the while, missed the story where 50 Cent was accused of domestic abuse.

Fiddy was charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence and four counts of misdemeanor vandalism, but he couldn’t give a toot, mocking the whole thing on Twitter and Instagram.

Here, he showed a photo of him shooting some hoops while he was supposed to be in prison.

fiddy b ball

According to police reports, 50 Cent kicked the mother of his children, and then vandalized her property (apparently, he smashed chandeliers, beat up a TV and a ransacked wardrobe) which, if guilty, sees the rapper going to prison for five years and $46,000 in fines.

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Chris Brown deletes Twitter account after pretty awful rant while Rihanna tweets this photo of him

TO say that Chris Brown is like a giant, fighty child, is something of an understatement. He sulks and pouts when he’s called out for being unapologetic for assaulting Rihanna and still gets involved in fights (see nightclub incident with Drake amongst others) while RiRi seems to court their relationship (whatever it is) for publicity.

Basically, we’ve got domestic abuse being used as a PR machine and pretty much everyone feels really lousy about it, apart from those making money off the back of Rihanna’s battered face.

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WWE Wrestler versus Chris Brown – The Rihanna Smack Down

WHEN men hear about a woman getting beaten up by their spouse, it isn’t uncommon for them to say things like ‘violence is wrong’, before outwardly wishing to beat the living hell out of the man that did it. This is the world we live in. Violence is bad and should be met with, well, violence.

However, it is unusual for two celebrities to have violence foreplay. And that’s exactly what is happening with WWE wrestler CM Punk and he’s challenging Chris Brown for beating Rihanna up. In CM Punk’s world, women are to be “revered”, unless you count the dolly bird wrestlers who frequently WWE.

Either way, CM Punk has challenged Brown and wants to make him feel “weak” and defenceless, just like Rihanna presumably did when Breezy was repeatedly punching her on the way to the Grammies 3 years ago.

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Chris Brown’s beating of Rihanna, the day after he wins a Grammy

POP-CULTURE warps our view of people. Roman Polanski can rape a young girl, yet Hollywood defends him. R Kelly can be accused of all manner of depraved things, and he gets his name dragged through the mud. Charlie Sheen is mystifyingly held up as a folk-hero for the awful things he’s done.

And so, to Chris Brown who, three years after assaulting Rihanna at a pre-Grammy award party, returned to the scene of the crime and picked up a gong for Best R&B album. Not only has the industry chosen to forget about what he did, but so too, have a huge number of fans.

Some of Team Breezy have gone as far as saying they’d be happy to get punched by their idol, such is their unswerving support for him. Bizarre. However, the report on the beating itself makes the whole thing incredibly uncomfortable.

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Punchy Chris Brown back with Rihanna? Surely not!

REMEMBER when everyone was thoroughly disgusted with Chris Brown’s using Rihanna as a punchbag? That was a pretty lousy celebrity story to read wasn’t it?

Of course, Team Breezy (the ridiculous moniker given to Chris Brown fans) were incredibly quick to forgive the toothy R&B dudester, while the rest of the world looked on thinking “Wait. He’s a woman puncher. Not only that, when someone had the temerity to mention it to him, he tore his shirt off and tried to throw a chair through a window. What a prize idiot.”

Then he posted a picture of his long, thin penis online for everyone to gawp at. Whaddaguy.

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Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Team Up To Really Hate Women Together

TOGETHER, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have an amazing loathing for womankind. Sure, they may croon their paeans to the boobier sex, but they both quite obviously loathe them.

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Mel Gibson’s Ex Is Now Saying That He Didn’t Domestic Violence Her One On The Face

LAST seen with a stuffed beaver sewn to his hand, Mel Gibson has had a troublesome year or so, facing allegations of being a anti-Semite, accusations of being a racist for dropping the N Bomb in Those Tapes as well as being alleged to have battered his ex-gal, Oksana Grigorieva.

Well, small joy for Gibbo as Oksana has dropped her allegations of domestic violence against the actor while she attempts to settle their hilariously ugly and public custody battle.

Is anyone thinking or future trainwreck, baby Lucia in all of this? Who cares?

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Harrowing Stuff: Knife Crime Ravages Yorkshire Village

KNIFE crime is not the preserve of the city or market town kebab shop.

It is everywhere. It is rife. To a barn in Yorkshire we journey where the everyday story of country folk features a young farmer impaled on a blade.

Harrowing scenes as Andy Sugden, of Emmerdale, is impaled on an iron harrow. His wife leaves him to die.

“How times have changed,” says Jane Moore in the Sun, recalling the days of home-cooked farm fayre, when a young famer would kill himself with a shotgun and the kids sold Es from the rave barn.

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