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Red Nose Day: English more tightfisted than Scottish, despite stereotype

Harrogate stock

YOU’VE heard the jokes about Scottish people being tight fisted. However, ‘throwing his money around like a Scotsman with no arms’ doesn’t hold any water when you discover that it is in fact the English who are tightwads.

On this Red Nose Day – the day where comedy raises money for good causes, yet weirdly, acts as the single most depressing day in the calendar – a study of British philanthropy found that the Scottish are much more generous than the folk south of the border.

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Posted: 15th, March 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment

Finding Little Miss Perfect And Master Right On Child Trader

BOY for sale. Girl for sale:

AS you may have heard on the news or read in one of our press releases, Child Trader is now the nations 4th largest child exchange network and as such, has brought happiness to more than 1623 American households who otherwise had very few options in creating a more loving family and home life when realizing their child wasn’t the right fit for them.

We’re Number 4!

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