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Dorset Police Issue Great CCTV Image Of Wanted West Moors Robber

DORSET police need your help. They want you to identity this man, last seen robbing a the Ladbrokes betting shop in West Moors.


dorset robber


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Come To Lyme Regis: The Friendly Seaside Resort Where The Water Comes To Greet You



COME to Lyme Regis, Dorset, they said. It’ll be genteel. This is where the dinosaurs holidayed. The town’s most famous residents are 180 million years old. The pace of life is slow. This is how the official website bills it:

An ancient town featured in the Domesday Book, Lyme Regis is home to a number of historical landmarks and educational attractions. From the watermill, which dates all the way back to the 14th century, to the beautiful St Michael’s Church and the fascinating Lepers Well, the picturesque and tranquil Lyme Regis is a great place to discover a lot that you didn’t know about the UK’s heritage.

At no point does it mention thrills and being pinned to a wall by massive waves. But it should. British seaside resorts can be dull places in winter, stuck beneath a low lugubrious sky hanging like a pendant wet knitted glove over a landscape of chained-up deckchairs, vending machines and regret.

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Idiots pictured carrying unexploded bombs between Worbarrow Bay and Tyneham


JESUS WEPT. Some people are dim aren’t they? Take for example, the two fellas who have been pictured carrying a pair of unexploded bombs in a park.

The Ministry of Defence has launched an urgent appeal to find two men photographed ambling through Dorset with two ‘unexploded bombs’ on their shoulders.

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Dorset police force yobs to buy pump and reinflate car tyres they’d vandalised

DIRECT policing in action down in Weymouth, Dorset, where three yobbos in their mid-20s who let down car tyres were taken by police to Asda, encouraged to buy a pump and use it to reinflate them.

A Dorset Police spokesman says the men were “under the influence of alcohol”.

“Officers advised the offenders that they needed to re-inflate the tyres and they escorted them to the supermarket to buy a foot pump. They returned to the scene and police remained to ensure the tyres were re-inflated. Unfortunately the pump broke so the men were made to leave notes on the remaining vehicles advising the owners to check their tyre pressures. Details of the three men were recorded. Police vehicle examiners returned in the morning to help re-inflate the tyres of the remaining vehicles. Two of the offenders returned to assist them.”

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Ghostly Mirage Of Village Appears Over English Channel (Photos)

TO Durdle Dor in Dorset to see the mirage. Did you see it? It was incredible. There in the distance over the waves towards France stood a line of buildings atop a rolling hill. This town had no roots. The place floated on a milky haze of mist and humidity.

Back in March, the news media reported on a mirage in China. A ‘ghost city’ hung above the Xin’an River in Huanshan City. It was eerily clear, a lost world resting on the backs of turtles.

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Dorset Echo Produces The Greatest Local News Story Ever: The Missing Machine Mystery

IS this the greatest local news story ever? Possibly. The Dorset Echo reports:

Thieves steal machine from Weymouth fundraising shop

STAFF at a Weymouth fundraising shop are saddened – and slightly puzzled – after a gang of thieves stole an industrial machine from outside their front door.

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Hypnotist Knocks Himself Out On Dorset Stage: Or Does He?

TO Dorset, where at Portland’s Royal Manor Theatre, David Days is performing his hypnosis show. Days is going to be huge. Huge… Huuuuge. Look into my eyes…

Dubbed by Star magazine as the next Paul McKenna, David Days is set to become T.V.’s next great hypnotist.  Having already hypnotized boy band Blue live on I.T.V.’s Ministry of Mayhem, David is currently putting forward proposals for a brand new, never-seen-before, T.V. series.

David famously turned Blue from a four-stong group of plumbers into believing they were chickens and the new Beatles.

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Local News Photo Of The Day: Dorset’s Wing Mirror Men

HOW does the Dorset Echo illustrate the news of “residents fury” that vandals have “ripped the wing mirrors off five cars in a row and another man woke up to find his motorbike had been stolen and set on fire nearby?

With this photo. It is out Local News Photo Of The Day…

Spotter: Alistair Coleman

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Frisky Horse Tried to Eat Woman’s Christmas Hat In Dorset

EILEEN Samme, of Cerne Abbas, Dorset, regrets buying a hat that looks like a Christmas pudding and modelling it in a field to “get into the spirit of Christmas”.

As she walked her jack russell Mickey, a horse saw the hat with the smart felt holly leaf on the top. Mrs Samme would like others to be made aware of the horse’s “frisky” behaviour.

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In Photos: Cheryl Cole’s X Factor House In Sandbanks, Dorset

CHERLY Cole is renting a £4.5 million house in Sandbanks, Dorset, for her X Factor contestants. Cheryl can’t travel far, what with her malaria. So, her charges will be experiencing the jet-set lifestyle under the low grey skies of the British seaside at winter.

The property is being sold by Eddie Mitchell, owner of Bournemouth FC. The place is kitted out by Chaplins, the north London furniture company in Hatch End that supplies the gear for the Big Brother house. Want to look around it – the home with five bedrooms, views on Poole Harbour and a no buyers? Here goes:


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Lapland Santa Is F****** Dead

“Santa’s gone home, he’s fucking dead” – Elfin worker at Dorset’s Lapland theme park breaks the news

Posted: 5th, December 2008 | In: Reviews | Comments (4)

Slapland: Dorset Santa Attacked In Great War On Christmas

TO the Lapland New Forest in Dorset, where the little alcopop munchers are dandling on Santa’s arthritic a knee:

Santa: “So – ho-ho – what d’yer want for Christmas/XMas/Diwali/Eid/Winter solsctice/ Chanukah Christmas/ Bhodi/Present Day (delete as applicable), little girl?”

Armani Alcopop: “You f*** you callin’ a ho, muvverf****r? Give me the lot or I’ll tell me mum you touched me and you listen to Gary Glitter records. Paedo!”

Too late. As the Sun screams from its front page: “Santa and three elves beaten up in Lapland.”

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