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Susan Boyle Does Not Have Cancer And Not Mentally Ill

8074782SUSAN Boyle Watch: IN “Susan Boyle on life, fame & thumb sucking” the NoTW’s Douglas Wight shows that he reads Anorak and comments on those photos of “crying” Susan Boyle sucking her thumb – the ones the Mail used to illustrate Boyle’s troubled state of mind.

Susan Boyle is doing fine. Eyewitnesses tell Anorak the truth in the comments section. But still the NoTW can’t resist sticking to the narrative of Susie Simple, the woman on the edge of a precipice:

SOARAWAY superstar Susan Boyle last night insisted she’s NOT on the verge of cracking up and insisted: “I’m happy and doing fine.”

How caring of the NoTW to lead with not news of Boyle’s hit album but a no-news story that she is NOT mentally ill. Look out for other exclusives that Susan Bouyle is also NOT suffering from cancer, NOT murdered in a car bomb and NOT suffering from adult acne.

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Posted: 29th, November 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comments (4)