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Dr David Kelly: The Truth, The Conspiracy And the Media Joy

DR David Kelly, the Government weapons inspector, killed himself in July 2003. The civil servant was pushed into the maw of a voracious media when he was rumoured to be the source of the news that the Blair administration had “sexed-up” a report on Iraq’s military capabilities.

The Chilcot Inquiry Into The Iraq War, In Pictures

He admitted to having met the BBC Today programme’s Andrew Gilligan.

Dr Kelly was called to explain himself to MPs. Two days later he was dead.

His wife Janice Kelly said he became: “distracted… dejected… desperate…I just thought he had a broken heart. He had shrunk into himself”.

But with a conspiracy theory out there, what does the wife know? David Aaronovitch notes:

Goslett’s insinuation that because Janice Kelly wasn’t questioned “under oath’ then she was lying about her husband’s death, is despicable.

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