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Michael Jackson’s New Single

jackson-bubbles1MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson film, Jackson XBox, lighters, Jackon’s new single and Chris Brown is the new Michael Jackson…

Daily Mirror: “Michael Jackson insurers thought glowing medical examination for tour must have been on ‘the body of a Nasa astronaut’”

The media introduces another doctor into the fray:

Dr David Slavit’s examination results were handed to the insurers of Jackson’s planned 50 O2 concerts. But officials were surprised Jackson passed the medical, despite a history of health problems. It left finance chiefs joking that the examination must have been based on, “the body of a Nasa astronaut” rather than the 50-year-old star…

Buzz Aldrin is fighting fit.

Meanwhile, Anorak in-house doctor can reveal: “Michael Jackson was not well when he died!”

SF Gate: “Deals could bring more Jackson products”

Michael Jackson products could start appearing on store shelves, cell phones, even in X-Box add-ons if a judge signs off on a merchandising deal. The current administrators of the singer’s estate have presented several proposed contracts to a probate judge for approval. The agreements offer a taste of how the King of Pop may be sold in the coming months and years.

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