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Mephedrone: Dr Polly Taylor’s Letter To Home Secretary Alan Johnson

BAN mephedrone now. Meow Meow must be banned because the newspapers say it is deadly. At Gordon Brown has waded into the meow meow debate, using the plant food as a way to look tough and meaningful. At No 10 Downing Street, York Press reporter Jenny Bell delivered a petition campaigning against the drug mephedrone, accompanied by Tory MP Robert Goodwill. Can the Tories out tough the Labour Party on meow meow?

Meow Meow: How To Buy The ‘Killer’ Drug In Bulk And Crank Up The Fear

Will Mephedrone Man decide the election? Will the legal high be used to feed our fears and enable us to think there are worst things out there than smack, black and tobac? Or will the Government say meow meow just needs to be controlled and tax it?

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Posted: 29th, March 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment