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Dr Wendy Chapman Admits Slicing Harlequins’ Player’s Face

WENDY Chapman MD pleads guilty to using a stitch cutting tool to slice into Tom Williams’ lip. Williams is the Harlequins player who in April 2009 bit on a blood capsule in the Heineken Cup quarter final against Leinster. (Quins lost.)

It was a true act of sporting theatre as Williams puked fake blood over his top. Like an old stager, Williams removed the capsule from his sock and popped it in his mouth. This was a cue for the usual hysterics with all blood injuries and Williams is taken from the pitch.

On comes the specialist kicker, New Zealander Nick Evans, and all is made right when in the physio’s room Williams is given a genuine injury by the club medic, Dr Chapman.

Says Williams:

“I asked Wendy to make the cut. I do remember that she was not happy about it. The atmosphere was extremely tense. I believe that Wendy pulled down my lip and attempted to cut it with a scalpel.”

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Posted: 23rd, August 2010 | In: Sports | Comment (1)