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Modern mysteries: who decapitated Nessie the Arlington dragon?

dragon slayer

WHO killed the Allen Saxe Park dragon? The city of Arlington, Texas, wants to know who cut off the dragon’s head?

The dragon is called Nessie. And now that the head has gone, there is something newsworthy about Nessie’s head. We are invited to look at what isn’t there.

Loch Ness, home to the orignal Nessie, is famous because of what we can’t see. The monster that makes the place noteworthy is the one thing that’s missing from it. As soon as the monster is revealed, the interest in Loch Ness will peak and then rapidly subside. So it will be with the Arlington Nessie. The park should leave the object headless or else replace that missing head with different heads, say, of local celebrities.

In the meanwhile, round up the usual suspects.


Posted: 19th, June 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment