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Dream Pharma, Legal Murder And The Persecution Of Mehdi Alavi

DREAM Pharma makes drugs used to legally kill prisoners in the care of the Arizona State Prison service. Anorak brought you this news in October 2009.

Now the mainstream press have got wind of it. All over the papers is news that Dream Pharma is run by Mehdi Alavi froma space behind the Elgone Driving Academy in Horn Lane, Acton. The company sold drugs to the value of £4,528, specifically 150 vials of sodium thiopental, 180 vials of potassium chloride and 450 vials of pancuronium bromide.

Says Mr Alavi:

“I’ve no comment.”

He then commented:

“I’m not as articulate as many people. I refrain to make any comments.”

A director of Reprieve, a Clive Stafford Smith, speaks to the press. (“Reprieve uses the law to enforce the human rights of prisoners, from death row to Guantánamo Bay”):

“Dream Pharma asserts that selling these drugs was no different from selling a hammer in a hardware shop. The analogy is apposite only if we include one fact: the customer told the salesman that he planned to bludgeon someone to death with it outside the store.”

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