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Someone stole the amputated toe from the Sourtoe cocktail

Amateur drinkers drink cocktails. They’re the Happy Hour dross fuel, the drinks the witless and bovine sup at moments of enforced joviality and acute self doubt. At Dawson City’s Downtown Hotel, Yukon, Canada,  the cocktail of choice is Sourtoe Cocktail Club. It might well be the perfect anti-cocktail cocktail, a lampooning of the usual pretentious swill . The Sourtoe cocktail is 1 oz of whisky, mostly a decent bourbon, with a severed toe.

You don’t drink the toe – it’s not pureed. You just chin the proper booze and let the toe touch your lips. It’s the literal kicker to the hard liquor slap.

And now it’s gone. Not swallowed. Stolen. Someone has stolen the toe.

“We are furious,” says Terry Lee, the hotel’s Toe Captain. “Toes are very hard to come by.” No, they’re not. You just need to look in the right places. The inside of rugby boots, graves and building sites have plenty. The original Sourtoe toe was found in a jar.


sourtoe cocktail


CBCNews has more:

The hotel says the suspect is from Quebec and had earlier boasted about wanting to steal the toe. Lee says the man reportedly coaxed the bartender to serve him the drink after the nightly 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. “Toe Time.”

“One of the new staff served it to him to be nice. And this is how he pays her back. What a low life.”

If you can’t trust a toe sniffer, who can you trust? But, then again, all cocktail drinkers lack spirit in the hard drinkers’ race to the bottom.

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Soda Can Devolution: From Elegantly Simple To Eyeball Assault

seven up


IT’S RARE for a product’s logo or package design to stay constant over the years.  More often than not, they get a makeover every few years to keep up with the tastes of the times.

Comparing soda cans from decades past to the present, it’s immediately apparent that we no longer prefer simple elegant designs… that we prefer busy, hastily thrown together crap designs instead.

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Alcoholic drinks under the microscope – fabulous photos of your tipples

BEVSHOTS are photographs of Michael Davidson’s alcoholic drinks taken through a microscope. The drinks are crystallised and stuck on a slide. The light source is polarized and passed through the crystal:

White wine

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ArKay brings us an alcohol-free whisky drink

I RECENTLY met someone planning to sell hash flavoured electronic cigarettes in his Dublin bar. Smoking one seemed like taking your disappointing life and doubling it. Now news reaches us of US-based ArKay’s alcohol-free whisky flavoured drink. It is “genuine whisky-flavored alternative for mass consumption.”

Top out the tin lid on the awfulness of this witches brew (what might be called booze-flavoured tea) the stuff contains no fat, sugar, calories or sodium. ArKay’s VP of Sales Josh Polky says without laughingThis beverage is not intended to be medicine, but is a healthy alternative substitute to liquor and may we mention again: Hangover free.”

Like filtered water.

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