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Cop lies to nail carpool mum

carpool mom montreal

My other car’s a Barbie surf bus


What’s the difference between giving a child a lift and carpooling? Carpooling implies that you and other drivers are sharing your resources. But Montreal driver Stéphanie Émond knows it’s when you just give your non-driving child a ride.

When the woman was pulled over by the fuzz on suspicion of travelling alone in the carpool lane reserved for at least two passengers in a vehicle, the officer cited a non-existing law and slapped Stéphanie with a hefty fine.

The cop explained that while Stéphanie did have another passenger in the vehicle it was not an adult in possession of a valid driving licence. That was a crime, said the copper. But it isn’t. But undeterred by the law, the copper gave the blameless driver a $169 ticket for a law that does not exist.

“I was surprised with the cop, when she saw my daughter, that she still issued a ticket,” Émond told CBC News. “The police officer was really sure [of] what she was telling me.”

The rules on carpooling are laid out in article 295 of the Highway Safety Code, which merely states that reserve lanes are for the exclusive use of road vehicles carrying the number of passengers indicated by signs along that route…

“In fact, a parent taking a child to daycare is assumed to be carpooling,” Transports Québec spokesperson Solène Lemay is quoted as saying on the website.

This is problem of semantics. Carpooling looks like a single-person supplement, a rule prejudicial to people who live alone. Everyone pays the same to use the roads but the childless bachelor or the lonely window can’t use all the lanes. How can that be fair?


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How to drive out of a tight parking space

To Brazil, where a police drive will not show us how to leave a tight parking space – and make a fast getaway:

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New 3D Zebra Crossing has drivers in Iceland on high alert

Ísafjörður, Iceland, crossingzebra


Mind the gap when crossing the road in Ísafjörður, Iceland, where the usual zebra-crossing has been given a third dimension by street painting company Vegi GÍH and the city’s environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla. The idea is to promote art and make drivers pay more attention when approach the crossing.


Ísafjörður, Iceland, crossingzebra


Given the sensational scenery in Iceland, the zebra might be necessary in keeping drivers’ eyes on the road.


Spotter: Iceland Magazine,  Swissmiss

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Computers fines drivers for ‘parking’ in a traffic jam

Computers can be wrong. Yes, we know what the system says but it is wrong. This bit of computer knowing resulted in human beings fined £100 per carload:

Parking cameras went live at the Ashford Retail Park in Kent in April, with signs telling drivers the new maximum stay is three hours.

But motorists got caught in gridlock on Easter Monday, and were trapped in the car park for hours when they struggled to join traffic on adjoining roads.

Says one customer parked in neutral:

Mr Donald continued: “On Monday we received a penalty charge notice from Highview Parking who enforce the three hour time limit on parking at this site.

“They must have had a flood of Penalty Charge Notices from this day.

“What troubles me is that there’s no quality control. It was utter madness. It’s just a money making exercise.

“I find it rather disappointing that these companies apply no common sense or quality control to their issuing of parking fines to innocent motorists who have over stayed due to no fault of their own.”

They apply computer sense.

Spotter: Daily Mail

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Mirror and Mail agree: driving on the mobile is a deadly campaign

Do you use your mobile phone when driving. don’t. It’s stupid and dangerous. The Daily Mail and Daily Mirror agree.


mobiles death


mobiles death


Over in China, you can disguise your phone as a cigarette packet. Which is all well and good until other drivers spot it, the child in the car with you and look across to frown.

The Mail and Mirror both see driving whilst calling as a campaign. Newspapers love campaigns – they’re pretty much the other thing that differentiates one from the other. But not always. Not today.


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Workers tarmac road around protesting woman sat in mobility chair

To Solihull, where Wesley Woolery is observing a protest. “I just couldn’t believe this lady remained there, considering the heat coming off that tarmac, I saw was what happening and thought it was so bizarre, I had to film it.”


solihull protest road

Getting the hump in the road


“I drove off soon after so I’m not sure what happened but it was really comical at the time.”


“From what I can gather, I think the lady was angry because she wanted extra parking where that part of the footpath is. But, like me, I don’t think people could believe what she was doing. It’s just funny that they continued to tarmac around her anyway.”

Rumours that she was turned into a steeper-than-usual hump in the road are unproven.

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SatNav directions send woman into a deep harbour (photos)

harbour driver sat nav 2


Do you trust machines? Would you buy a driverless car? To Tobermory, Ontario, Canada, where a 23-year-old woman who followed her car’s SatNav instructions ended up in a harbour.

Ontario Provincial Police say the driver “took a wrong turn into Little Tub Harbour… weather conditions and the driver being new to the area, a fully submerged vehicle was the result,” police said. The woman escaped by sliding from the car’s window and swimming 30 metres to the shore in 4°C water.


harbour driver sat nav 4 harbour driver sat nav 3 harbour driver sat nav 1 harbour driver sat nav harbour driver sat nav 5



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Police advice: ‘don’t jerk and drive’

jerking and drive
The South Dakota Department of Public Safety tells drivers “Don’t Jerk and Drive”.
A British accent – the voice of nannyhood authoutity – declares “nobody likes a jerker”.

The department’s director Lee Axdahl says drivers should keep their car out of the ditch and their minds out of the gutter.

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Donald Duck Pedestrian Decoy Scares Drivers Into A Police Fine

duck police


WHEN confronted with a 7ft-tall duck in the road do you:

a) slow down

b) speed up

c) shoot

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Woman Fails Driving Test 110 Times

License At 81


…AND she’s not even got to the practical part yet, where what she’s been told is 6 inches causes problems. This is really quite amazing, this lady has managed to fail the driving theory test 110 times:

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Map: The World’s Most Dangerous Places To Drive (UK 3 Times Safer Than USA)




WHERE is the world’s most dangerous place to drive a car? No need to guess. The University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Initiative keep a tally of worldwide driving fatalities.

Avoid Namibia, Thailand and Iran. Rip up the tarmac in the Maldives:

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Irish Dad’s Priceless Reaction To His Son Pretending To Fail A Driving Test (Video)

YOU Tuber Feilim Mchugh told his father he’d failed his driving test. He then filmed the reaction.  her father’s reaction driving test. The videos – “My Dads reaction to me ‘failing’ my driving test, priceless…” is terrific.

Filmed in Drumkeerin, Ireland, swearing is liberal:

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Sleepy Driver Crashes Into Bed Shop

A SLEEPY driver crashed into Sleep Experts mattress store in Dallas, Texas. The female driver she fell asleep on the way home.

She was not hurt.

sleep expert


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Motorists nicked for brushing teeth and browsing the internet while driving in Hampshire


LORRY drivers get a hard time don’t they? People unfairly chide them, when they’re just trying to do their job, like those nice men on Convoy or Smokey and the Bandit.

And so, to a news story about a lorry driver was caught brushing his teeth while driving his long, flammable death machine. And also to a car driver was pulled over for shaving with a razor and a water bottle, during a police crackdown.

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Motorists fail to mow down 7-foot-tall gingerbread man hanging around schools

massive biscuit

IF you saw a 7-foot-tall gingerbread man crossing the road ahead of you would you stop? Or would you put your foot down?

Police in Moreno Valley, California, thought it a test of a driver’s care on the road to dress up one of their own as a huge gingerbread man. The report says he was “invisible to most of the 13 motorists who were cited in a 50-minute span during a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department pedestrian decoy operation”.

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Great car driving music with a film car chase montage (video)

car chase montage

CAR driving music with a film car chase montage. Can you name the films?

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Russian bus driver nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ for ramming into cars [VIDEO]

Russian punisher driver

DRIVING is an infuriating pastime at the best of times, with jams, woefully under-maintained roads and worst of all, other drivers. Those swine tailgate you, beep, swear, swerve and cut you up.

One Russian bus driver has got an answer for this bozos and talks to them in a language bad drivers understand – equally dangerous driving. Alexei Volkov has been given the nickname ‘The Punisher’ as he delivers vigilante justice to motorists who cut in front of him.

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Driving in Russia: Dash-cam captured madness

THE meteor that hit the Urals was recorded by a car’s dashboard camera. Many Russian cars have them. It’s about insurance. Can you prove that the man whose car you drove into the back of stopped very suddenly, as if  – as if… – he wanted you to damage his broken old wreck? Sure, witnesses emerge from all sides to back up his claim of your recklessness, but with dash-cam you can argue your case.

Also, Russian driving is nuts. It’s not just about insurance. It’s about capturing those magic moments for posterity.

Things to looks out for:

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Naples driver’s U-turn meets Monty Python (video)

TO Naples, where a man in a small car is attempting to execute a U-turn in a narrow street. The action heats up at the 1:30 mark when the cast of local Monty Python Appreciation Society arrives:

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CCTV footage of disabled spot being painted around car while parked

GETTING a parking ticket or your car getting towed away is infuriating enough, but imagine if you’d parked legally and someone painted a disabled parking spot AROUND your car and then towed it away?

You’d be apoplectic with rage wouldn’t you?

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Blind man runs over girlfriend after 5 bottles of wine

GALLOWS humour is something that drags every one of us through the day because, without it, we’d spend our entire lives sobbing at work.

And so, let us laugh at a story about a man who is registered blind, running over his partner in a car, after drinking five bottles of wine… because the reality of it could very well be far too depressing to contemplate.

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Lady driver ordered to wear ‘idiot sign’ by court (video)

BAD drivers are the bane of everyone’s lives, but some are more idiotic than others. One lady in Ohio has managed to sidestep the political fervour that rampaged through her State to become an officially court-ordered ‘idiot’. How? She actually being made to wear an idiot sign after being caught doing something really idiotic in her car.

The woman in question repeatedly drove onto a pavement to overtake an unloading school bus. That’s not clever is it?

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Naked woman licked ice-cream from straddled driver in speeding Porsche

TO Sweden, where the woman says she was “licking ice cream” off the driver’s body she was straddling as the couple sped down the E4 motorway in a convertible Porsche.

Moreover the woman was not wearing a seat belt.

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Police tip: do not keep big tins of paint in back seat of cars (photo)

ADVICE of the day comes via the New South Wales police Facebook page: when driving take care to secure the 25-litre bucket of paint resting on the backseat of their car. A minor shunt can result in rapid redecoration:


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