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Russian damages painting of Ivan The Terrible in drunken rage

The one great finding of all the social sciences is that there’s a truth in a stereotype. There has to be, for no one would believe it, or even make it up, if there weren’t something there to note in the first place. So, that idea that all Russians get wildly drunk on vodka all the time – no, it’s not true of all Russians and not of all the time. But there’s a truth there all the same:

A vandal has seriously damaged “Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan,” one of the best-known paintings exhibited in Tretyakov Gallery’s main building on Lavrushinsky lane in Moscow, the press service of Tretyakov Gallery told Sputnik on Saturday.

Well, yes, a vandal. Seems that the bloke didn’t go to the gallery with this in mind, but the idea occurred to him while there:

In the interior ministry’s video, the man says he recognised the seriousness of his crime. “I came to look at the painting,” the man reportedly told police. “I wanted to leave, but then dropped into the


buffet and drank 100g of vodka. I don’t drink vodka and became overwhelmed by something.”

That’s about 4 ounces of vodka, call it 5 UK shots from a standard optic. And yes, that 100 grammes of vodka is an entirely normal, even a small, measure in Russia. So, there’s that part of the stereotype proven then.

The painting — titled “Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581,” depicts Russia’s first czar cradling his dying son after striking him in a fit of rage.

That’s what makes the story so wondrous. Man gets into a (drunken) rage and attacks painting. A painting of a man who has just been in a (non-drunken, so the story goes) rage.

Pretty good, no?

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Cambridge man drinks six pints, passes out on shopping centre’s glass roof

Isaac Moore is casting a shadow over the Grand Arcade shopping centre in Cambridge.


Peterborough drunk cambridge roof shopping centre


Peterborough Today says Moore scarfed six pints – he had scored a new job (as what we’re not told) and wanted to celebrate – before climbing atop the 75 foot high curved glass roof and taking a nap.

“He had gone out on Saturday to celebrate a new job, clearly he drank too much and has no recollection how he ended up on that roof,” says his solicitor.


Spotter: Peterborough Today.

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WAtch a drunk shoot himself in the face with beer at the ATM

Spotter: BroBible

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Muslim Clerics Will No Longer Pray For Dead Drunks

prayer drunk
“IT is a historic decision not to offer funeral prayers of the drunkards who die,” says Hafiz Maulana Mahtab Alam Makhdumi, of the Anjuman Faizane Mustafa Committee, Nalanda. “We hope that it will send a strong massage among Muslims not to consume liquor.”

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Northampton Drunk Impaled On Pub Fence Failed To Spot Open Gate

impaled drunk pub


“THE bouncers came to his aid after he was calling out for some attention,” says Rob Eastham, manger of The Fiddlers pub in Northampton of the man impaled on the pub’s metal fence.

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Help! There’s A Drunk Man Asleep On My Horse

sleeping man horse

PHOTO of the day: A 26-year-old man was found sleeping on a woman’s horse in Landsberg, Germany.

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Liverpool local walks home in the traditional fashion (video)

TO Liverpool, to see a drunk man walk home in the traditional manner.

Language is sweary.


drunk walking


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Pig gets drunk on 18 beers and ends up in a fight with cow

WE’VE all been there. We’ve had a bit too much to drink and ended up getting into a bit of bother as our brains stop talking to our bodies, but our limbs and mouths continue apace.

Well, this isn’t just the behaviour of humans. One feral pig got blotto and went on something of a violent bender.

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Man attacked roommate who drew a dick on his face

JAMES Watson, 31, was unhappy when a penis was drawn on his face. Having passed out on the sofa after a night’s boozing, Watson awoke in his Arlington, Virginia, home. At 5:30am he noticed the penis drawn on
his face with a marker pen.

Watson shares his howm with two other men. He raced into one of their bedrooms. He beat the man up.

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Brilliant drunk idiot tries to ride a crocodile (with unsurprising consequences)

SOMETIMES, drunks are a gift that keep giving. Most of the time, they chat nonsense and puke up on their fried chicken, but sometime, they’re worth their weight in wobbling gold.

Take the drunkard in Australia who just about survived his little escapade when he tried to ride a crocodile.

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Blackbirds found blind drunk in playground

SOME young tearaway blackbirds found dead at a primary school in Cumbria, which doesn’t sound very funny. However, when you consider the fact that they were dead from alcohol poisoning, it suddenly feels more amusing.

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So, Michael Jackson was a hopeless drunk was he?

EVERYONE pretty much thought of Michael Jackson as a troubled child trapped inside a troubled genius’ body. For a period, he was pretty much untouchable and then, in later life, pretty much in a state where no-one really wanted to touch him unless it was absolutely necessary.

However, the childlike quality remained and you could picture him, floating around his house like Peter Pan (only with a frightening face). You certainly couldn’t imagine him indulging in adult activities like jerking off or getting hammered.

Concerning the latter, that seems to be the case as someone has said that MJ was a hopeless drunk.

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Lost star gets charged with DUI… and it isn’t his first brush with boozy bother

YOU may have watched Lost or Party Of Five, looked at Matthew Fox and thought ‘he seems like a nice man… a nice, hunky, stubbly dreamboat of a man’. Well, there’s a strong whiff of booze around him which suggests otherwise.

See, it has been reported that Fox has been charged with two misdemeanours, one of driving under the influence (DUI) and the second, driving without a licence. He got arrested and everything! He was pulled in by the long arm of the law in the early hours of last Friday after an officer noticed his vehicle wasn’t signalling properly… or staying in lane with traffic… and generally being vehicularly erratic. Turned out he’d been drinking.

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Polish diplomat Witold Misiak recalled over ‘drunk’ video

WITOLD Misiak, a diplomat at the Polish Embassy in Minsk. is seen here making a play for the coveted title of most Enthusiastic East European Politician, the title many thought Boris Yeltsin had taken with him to his grave.

Witold Misiak is the Polish diplomat captured on video allegedly drunk in a Belarusian restaurant.

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Women Too Drunk For Bikini wax Arrested

ANNA Katherine Bacon-Silveira, 39, of Iowa City, is under arrest. She is accused of attacking a worker at Zender beauty salon with a towel. She then ran off.

Bacon-Silverira entered the store in the pursuit of a bikin wax. The store turned away, saying that she was drunk.

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Gerard Depardieu Decides To Take A Wazz On A Flight, Which Is Understandable

WHAT would you do if you really needed to go to the toilet, but you found yourself stuck on a plane that wasn’t moving? You’d ask a steward/ess if you could go to the ‘rest room’ for ‘a rest’ wouldn’t you?

What happens if that flight attendant say “Non.”

Well, if you are called Gerard Depardieu, you’d flop your old chap out and take a long, drunken piss in the aisle of the plane. That’s exactly what you’d do because that’s precisely what has happened on an Air France flight.

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One Of The Kardashians Gets Called A Nasty Name In The Street By A Drunk, Which Is Fun

LOOKING at the Kardashian sisters, it isn’t easy to tell which one is which. They’re all kinda identikit women with the same haircut, the same dress sense, same initials and a penchant for galling attention seeking. Basically, the only way to tell them apart is to grade them by sexual attraction, varying from ‘okay’ to ‘get back to me at the end of the evening’.

Kourtney Kardashian is somewhere between the two poles, being the sister that isn’t as famous as Kim, but certainly not as unattractive as Khloe.

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Drunk Takes Massive Tumble Down Steps By London’s Savoy Hotel: Video pot

IN this video, the drunk leaves London’s Savoy hotel. He  falls down the steps. He falls down some more steps. He then falls in the road. The man with the CCTV camera does not rush to his aid. He watches. Then he sends/ sells (?) the footage to the Sun.

Lest you wince, the paper says:

He was thrown out of the theatre awards do, hosted by Stephen Fry, after he fell over in front of guests including Sir Ian McKellen and Liam Neeson.

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The Drunk Woman Is Washed Up On The Beach: Video

THIS is how Britain exported its ladette culture to the US. The drunk woman in the sea is operating at the vanguard of a Government-backed British export drive. If she can hold her breath as far as China, Britian may yet win the trade wars:

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Drunk Russian Driver Uses His Cigarettes As A Phone

THE Russian drunk driver will now make a call to his representatives on his cigarette phones:

As one Muscovite puts it: “In Soviet Russia, cigarettes called you.”

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Doctor Arrested For Diving While Drunk And Asleep

GP Donald Stuart Clegg is appearing at Bury magistrates’ court, having been arrested by police in Prestwich for, apparently, driving while intoxicated and asleep.

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Welsh Council Hires Fake Drunks To Test Bar Staff: Police And Hacks Rejected

TO check that pubs in the area were serving booze responsibly, as per the Conwy and Denbighshire Community Safety Partnership, the North Wales council invested £4,000 in fake drunks. And who did they hire to play the part of the “professional witnesses”? Coppers? Councillors? Journalists? No. They hired actors.

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