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Dudley youth entertains on town’s CCTV

TO Dudley, West Midlands, where a local youth is showing his displeasure at being monitored on CCTV. Why do we watch everyone? For the laughs:

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Local News: Dudley Girl Copying Pet Dog Gets Head Stuck In Gate

LOCAL News Story of The Day  is found in the Wolverhampton’s Express & Star, wherein we learn that Dudley four-year-old Rachel Warren has got her head caught in her front gate. She did this trying to copy her pet dog. The pet dog was able to get back out. Rachel was stuck.

The story is headlined:

Drama as Rachel, 4, gets her head stuck in gate

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In Pictures: English Defence League And Unite Against Fascism In Dudley

ANOTHER weekend and another rendition from the English Defence League (EDL). To the streets of Dudley, where the EDL is protesting against plans to build a new mosque in the town. And where the EDL go, the Unites Against Fascism are sure to be. And the police, too. We went with a camera:


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Police officers control protestors of the English Defence League (EDL) on their demonstration through the streets of Dudley, protesting against plans to build a new mosque in the town.

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