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Russian Democracy Sees 88 MPs Vote 449 Times: Motion Passed

IN the Russia’s Duma, electronic voting is the go, and in the 450-member lower house of parliament, 88 MPs have passed a motion making it illegal for motorists to have any alcohol in their blood by, er, 449 votes.

It is thought that the one anti vote was triggered by one of the MPs getting bored with pressing the “Da” button nine times. You want democracy? You can’t handle democracy…

Posted: 28th, May 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment (1)

Another Day In The Duma: Russian Politics Wins Again

WE in the Blighty have our eggs and flowers and slime. The Italians have small statuettes of Milan Cathedral.

But in Russia- oh, in Russia – if you want to rub your politico up the wrong way in the Duma, you just rub them up the wrong way…

Posted: 23rd, April 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment