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Google Maps grasses up man cheating on fiance

THE internet has done wonders for people’s sex lives, enabling them to flirt more confidently and meet other people without having to brave a bar filled with stouty burps first. However, with every silver lining is a dirty great raincloud, as one Russian lothario soon discovered.

While browsing Google Maps, a Russian lady found that her other-half was having it away with someone else. Marina Voinova, from Perm (where everyone looks like the Liverpool FC squad in the early ’80s), was looking for an address online and, when switching to the Street View feature, she saw an image of her fiance cuddling up to another woman.

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Posted: 26th, February 2013 | In: Strange But True, Technology | Comment

If Justin Bieber doesn’t grow a beard, Selena Gomez is dumping him

JUSTIN BIEBER may not have fully formed his fontanelle yet, but that isn’t stopping his wickle girlfriend from demanding some manly action from him.

No, they’re not going to second-base yet, but rather, an ‘insider’ has told a very trustworthy American publication that, if Bieber doesn’t stop looking like a baby (baby, baby, ooh) and grow a beard, he’s going to find himself very single indeed. Cue: Death threats and love poems written in blood from Beliebers.

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Posted: 8th, March 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment