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Operation Dynamo: 70 Years After, The Veterans Return To Dunkirk

TO Dunkirk with the dwindling bad of veterans of Operation Dynamo. Seventy years ago, a massive operation made up of mostly fishing vessels and privately owned boats set sail across the English Channel. Thanks to them, 225,000 British troops and 125,000 French were rescued from the Dunkirk beaches. Had they not been rescued the German war machine was ready to slaughter them… Can you imagine it? The fear. The relief. The sorrow. They’re going back. To remember. Don’t forget…


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British soldiers are assisted by the Royal Navy in June 1940, on their return to England after being evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk, Northern France. 338,226 soldiers, mostly from the British Expeditionary Force, were rescued from the advancing German Army between May 19th and June 4th. Veterans of the Dunkirk evacuation will tomorrowMOnday May 15 2000, reunite for almost the last time to mark the 60th anniversary of their remarkable escape from the shores of France. See PA story SOCIAL Dunkirk. PA Photos second world war

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