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Katie Price’s Chicken Nuggets, Sex And Dwight Yorke’s Ring

HIGH time to hear from former Katie Price squeezer Dwight Yorke, Harvey’s daddy.

In “DWIGHT YORKE EXCLUSIVE”, the NoTW hears Dwight “reveal sensational details on his relationship with Katie Price”.

Ready for the sensation? Go:

DWIGHT YORKE: Jordan is wild in bed, Katie Price is tender

Dwight has bought into that marketing plot in which Jordan, the pneumatic aide to masturbation is different to Kate Pie, the pneumatic aide to masturbation in an apron. That’s Katie Price flashing her bra in an interview with Piers Morgan. That’s Jordan flashing her bra in the papers. See the difference?

PULLING Katie Price was like winning the double for soccer star Dwight Yorke – he quickly discovered she had TWO bedroom personas.

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Posted: 27th, September 2009 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts | Comment (1)