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The catfish that triggered the Tokyo earthquake – pictures

WHAT causes earthquakes? The Japanese thought it was a giant catfish. One thrashed about and triggered the Great Ansei Earthquake that struck the city of Edo (Tokyo) in November 1855. The event was marked in namazu-e (“catfish pictures”). These portraits of the giant catfish (namazu) show it as the hero of the building trade – you can see the workers celebrating and partying with the giant fish – and enemy of fishermen and farmers, who rely on the god Kashima to keep namazu restrained:

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Sports Broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit Keeps It Together During Earthquake

BEING a sports reporter looks like a great job doesn’t it? Unless of course you work for ITV and have to sit with the loathsome Andy Townsend or, worse still, Jim ‘The Stupidest Man In The Universe’ Beglin.

Still, there’s things that are worse than working with those berks. How about delivering a piece to camera while an earthquake rumbles on?

That’s exactly what analyst Kirk Herbstreit had to deal with when delivering his post-match thoughts. A 5.6 earthquake hit during his piece and while it takes place, Kirk manages to stay composed… that is, if you avoid looking into his eyes.

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Big Media Makes Turkey Earthquake About Israel

CAN big media make even the Turkey earthquake about Israel?

Reuters reports:

A Turkish foreign ministry official said later that Turkey had received offers of help from dozens of countries after the magnitude 7.2 quake, and had so far declined assistance from all of them.

The headline: Turkey declines Israeli aid offer.

The LA Times repots:

But for now Turkey has politely declined help from Israel and other nations, saying it hoped to tackle the crisis on its own.

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Virginia Quake Devastation Photos: Patio Chairs Tip Over As God Rages Against The Gays

THE Virginia earthquake is subject of much mockery. If you were in it, it was at best unsettling. But little damage was caused by the tremor that could be felt in New York and along the east coast.

The internets are alive with photos of people showing the world how their homes were devastated – or not – by God’s reaction to the gays being allowed to marry. Yes, folks, that’s why earthquakes happen – because gays aren’t allowed to marry in a house of God (he wants an invite – or else!)…

(PS – the newswire photographers are joining int eh fun>)


Picture 1 of 17

US Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., peers into a damaged classroom during a tour of the Louisa County High School in Mineral, Va., Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2011. A 5.8 earthquake centered near Mineral damaged the school. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

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Virginia And Washington Earthquake In Photos: DC Is Under Attack

ON the day an earthquake hit the Washington area – a 5.9 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia – Hapless Joe Biden was in Japan…strolling through the March 11 earthquake and tsunami stricken area full of weeds in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture. Obama was playing golf in golf at Farm Neck Golf Club, in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on the island of Martha’s Vineyard…

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Boobquake: Seducing Armageddon With Breasts

WHAT caused Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Well global warming did. And women. And gays. One woman, Jennifer McCreigh, is doing her bit for science. She will show her chest and see if the almighty unleashes a tidal wave of devastation on Earth.

She has luanched Boobquake on Facebook. More than 20,000 vow to show as much cleavage as possible on Monday, April 26. If Hojjat ol-eslam Kazem Sediq is right, we will all die.

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Italian Woman Aged 98 Spends 30 Hours Knitting In Earthquake

AMID the rubble and hurt in Italy, Maria D’Antuono, 98, is rescued.

She says she passed the 30-hour waiting to be saved by knitting.

What can you knit in 30 hours?

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