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Lady GaGa and the fat debate

FOR some inexplicable reason, we’re all supposed to care how much Lady GaGa weighs. Lately, it seems she’s put a bit of weight on and it is remarkable anyone noticed at all because we’re all too busy gawping at her unusual stage outfits, face implants and wild wigs.

Of course, there’s those who will judge her solely on her music (with both sides of the fence equally irritating, with the pro-column unable to accept criticism and the con-column unable to allow themselves to like pop music), but thanks to GaGa’s brazen hustling schtick, it seems that people lose their minds and start thinking that it is perfectly fine to point at a woman and titter about how she’s a slightly different shape than she was a week ago.

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Posted: 26th, September 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comments (4)