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There’s economic myths and economic myths – the Laffer minute Greens don’t get it

ECONOMICS is packed full of myths: not the subject itself, but what people think they understand about it. The Economist has a look at a couple:

A LETTER-WRITER and a commenter have kindly pointed out that vibrant markets exist for the pollination services of bees. This is contrary to the claim in last week’s Free Exchange column on inclusive wealth. It also spoils a nice allegory used by Sir James Meade in 1952 to illustrate external economies.

I feel suitably disabused. Next you’ll be telling me that private enterprise can provide profitable lighthouses, that used-car buyers often know as much as sellers, that the Dvorak keyboard is no faster than QWERTY and that Betamax was no better than VHS. Oh.

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Marking Barry Obama’s Economics Homework

BARACK Obama says the world is in turmoil. He hands in his essay. Now, let’s mark it:



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