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The British Economy explained in a nutshell

THESE figures about growth in the UK economy really aren’t a surprise:

The data is likely to deepen concerns about the widening gulf between the capital’s “bubble” economy and the rest of the country. Between 2007 and 2011, London’s economy grew by 12.4pc, despite the painful impact of the financial crisis on the City.

That rate compared to growth elsewhere which ranged between 2.3pc in the East Midlands to 6.8pc in the South West, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. The South East, boosted by proximity to London, was close behind at 6.4pc.

A rough guide to the British economy is that it’s a middle of the road, middle ranking, European economy. Nothing very special about it in any direction: except for the presence of London. That’s a part of the Great Global Economy and so is influenced by what’s going on out there, not what’s happening at home. China growing at 8%, India at 6, hundresd of millions, billions even, climbing up out of destitution into the petit bourgeois delights of three square meals a day: these matter more to London than whatever the hell is happening in Bradford or Bingley.

It isn’t just banking either: accounting, law, arts, real estate and so on and on. London’s global in the way that New York, Singapore, Hong Kong are.

Maybe it shouldn’t be like this. Maybe we should do something so that it isn’t. But what is currently happening makes a great deal more sense if you think about the British economy in this manner. London really is entirely different from the rest of the UK economy.

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The coming economic boom will be based on new technology

THERE’S going to be the most God Almighty economic boom in a few years time. Yes, yes, I know, you think I’ve really lost it now. What with climate change, resource exhaustion and the current dismal times I’m obviously entirely barking.

However, there’s a good historical precedent for this. The 1930s.

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The best economy graphs of 2011

2011 was a great year for money, wasn’t it. But what was the best bit? Well, we’ve got the 10 best economic graphs of the year? Want to see them? Of course you do:




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The New York Times Wants Economy Both Ways

ON today’s New York Times front page:

“Stark Signs of a Slowdown, Days Before Election”

“Wall Street Rises After Report on Economy”

Two headlines on the New York Times homepage; both articles are about the same report…

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Andrew Neil Watches Andrew Duncan’s Back

POLITICAL insident of the day: Andrew Neil looks forward to look back…

“Shouldn’t you have had better hindsight” – BBC’s Andrew Neil to Tory MP Alan Duncan

With the economy shafted, the BBC in total control of the media  and politics a game for failures and company men aren’t we due a revolution..?

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David Cameron’s Flawed Debt Story

DAVID Cameron has been quiet on the banking crisis. Want to know why? It’s because he and his party have nothing meaningful to add:

Cameron is then directly quoted, saying: “I think that we have had a failure of regulation and we have had a debt boom that went on for far too long and it reached into parts of the economy it shouldn’t have done. The whole thing has become infected and it has got to be dealt with.”

A propos our previous post, Cameron is playing with fire taking this line. For sure, it is generally agreed that that has indeed been a “failure of regulation”, but by far the bulk of regulation, and the regulatory structures, are of EU origin. They are not within the gift of Cameron to change, without taking on the European Union, which the leader of the opposition shows no sign of doing. But to pretend that they are “Gordon Brown’s” is a very silly strategy indeed.

Isn’t it all the failure of capitalism?

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America Is Saddam Hussein’s New Iraq

LIKE 65.45 per cent of one-armed Jewish lesbians, Anorak loves a good survey.

And out attention is drawn to a survey commissioned by American Research Group.

On the matter of the economy, the survey polled a perfect 100 per cent, a score only previously achieved by Saddam Hussein, Big Brother’s Charley Uchea and the Labour Cabinet, who are to a man and women behind Supreme Leader Number One.

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