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BBC radio’s Eddie Mair lampoons Boris Johnson with rare mastery

On BBC Radio 4, Eddie Mair is talking to a bumbling Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary. “This is not the Two Ronnies. You don’t get to answer the previous question,” says Mair.

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BBC disapproves of Boris Johnson’s sex life but not Bill Wyman’s

Boris Johnson

A FUNNY thing happened at the BBC.  When Boris Johnson was interviewed by Eddie Mair on the Andrew Marr show, the subject of the London mayor’s love life came up. Mair wondered if Johnson had lied about having an extra-marital affair.

All good stuff.

Only problem is that if adultery is an issue, will BBC question masters, such as Andrew Marr, have their private lives scrutinised? It could help us viewers establish what angle they are coming from. It might be a case of ‘why aren’t you having an affair’?

And then what about other guests, such as, say, Bill Wyman, who appeared on the trusty Beeb’s sofa. Bill chatted about his new photography exhibition – including talking through his nature photos, his time with the Rolling Stones, and concert photography.” He did not alk about Mandy Smith.

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