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Jealous penguins throw poo at panda mad Edinburgh Zoo

PENGUINS are tossing poo at the punters at Edinburgh Zoo. The Rockhopper penguins are on Corstorphine Hill, a spot that offers them a clear view of the pandas. Have the pandas upset the penguins? Is this a monochrome batter for supremacy in an abundant zoo? Are the penguins siding with Norwegian fishermen?

These are strange times, indeed.

Gary Wilson, Edinburgh Zoo’s director of business operations, tells the BBC:

“Our rockhopper penguins in particular have been watching the events at the panda enclosure below with great interest, ever since work started on the enclosure… Onee or two of our rockhoppers seem to have had surprisingly good aim. We’re just looking into a solution right now, probably in the form of a glass panel so that the visitors’ view of the penguins isn’t obscured.”

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Posted: 22nd, December 2011 | In: Strange But True | Comment