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Refugees crisis: debunking the claim about Muslim cowards

DID you see the Facebook picture of the male refugees?





That image is a screenshot from a CBC news video. Other images from the same video are below:


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.49.11 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.48.26 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.47.43 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.47.32 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.47.18 Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.46.28


Such are the facts.


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Police Warn EDL Convert Tommy Robinson To Leave Luton For His Own Safety

HOW’S life treating Tommy Robinson since he left the EDL for the Quilliam Foundation? Well, he’s tweeted this letter from Bedfordshire Police.

He adds:

Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra

 Police advice,take your family and leave Luton,we cannot protect u.After I’m on terrorist Al-Shababs latest video 

tommy robinson police


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Tommy Robinson leaves the EDL but finds Pamela Geller harder to quit


TOMMY Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and his deputy and cousin Kevin Carroll’s departure from the English Defence League has been making news. Robinson is not the first EDL member to make the leap to the Quilliam Foundation.

Hugh Muir wrote on that previous conversion in the Guardian:

…while the [English Defence League] says it eschews violence, there are claims that some of its people may have been taking a less than constructive approach to two former members who were poised to lift the lid on the group in association with the counter-extremism thinktank, Quilliam. Harry Burns and Leighton Evans were billed as “former senior members of the EDL who have renounced the group and are willing to speak out against it publicly … to answer questions about the organisation and their time inside it”. But they didn’t. Both pulled out, apparently citing threats. Not from us, insists the man from the EDL. In good faith we accept that. A simple solution. If in doubt, blame the Muslims.

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Tommy Robinson is not the first EDL member to join Quilliam

PA-11064293TOMMY Robinson has quit the English Defence League to join the Quilliam Foundation. Who are they?

In 2009, the Maajid Nawaz, Director of the Quilliam Foundation, said of the UK’s ban on Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP:

“Banning Geert Wilders from the UK is not the solution. Just as the ideas of non-violent Islamist groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir should be tackled through debate and argument, so should those of Wilders and others. Freedom of speech should be protected – so long as people do not use this freedom to call for violence against others.

“Wilders has evidently been convinced by the words and actions of Islamists and jihadists that Islam is inherently violent and intolerant. We therefore challenge him to an open debate in which we will argue that Islam is not an inherently violent religion and that, contrary to what he apparently believes, Muslims are not a threat to Europe and its values.”

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Tommy Robinson has left he EDL to join anti-extremism group

THE BBC reports that English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has left the group.
Also departed is his deputy Kevin Carroll.
Robinson has been put off by the EDL’s more extremist elements.

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EDL go after Tulisa Contostavlos


THE EDL are, clearly, upset about lots of things and you wouldn’t want them turning up outside your house unannounced (people have a hard enough time when they turn out unannounced in their town).

Now, Tulisa Contostavlos is being ‘targeted’ by EDL leader Tommy Robinson. The singer reportedly called police after spotting the English Defence League leader outside her home.

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EDL Tower Hamlets march in photos and arrests

YESTERDAY’S EDL march was prevented them from passing through the middle of Tower Hamlets, kept away by court order and police from the East London mosque.

George Thomas, for the Metropolitan Police, said people taking part in EDL marches could be “unreasonably” provocative and he believed between 1,000 and 2,000 people would take part in the EDL march and “several thousand” in counter-demonstrations. He said this could leave the police facing “crisis management”.

The Guardian says police made 10 arrests, including that of EDL leader Tommy Robinson. It fails to say that anti-fascists were also pinched:

In an attempt to get nearer to the EDL, a large part of the crowd headed by an Anti-Fascist Network bloc set off round nearby streets. Some of them ended up being kettled by police, who later staged a mass arrest of anti-fascists under Section 12 and Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986 – the laws which allow the police to impose conditions on public demonstrations and assemblies. In other words, they were arrested for diverging from the route imposed by the police – for little more than standing in the wrong road.

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Banning EDL fans Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer also means the Boat Race streaker and honest Jews are refused entry to Britain


WHO gets into the UK? Pamela Geller (above) and Robert Spencer have been from entering Britain to speak at an EDL rally.

Home Secretary Theresa May has told Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, both of the anti-Islamic group Stop Islamization of America, that their presence in the UK would “not be conducive to the public good”.

Their names are added to the list of not wanted persion that includes anti-Islam polemicist Michael Savage and the faith healer Todd Bentley.

Oh, and the Australian Trenton Oldfield whop disrupted the Boat Race by jumping into the River Thames. He’s lived in the UK for ten years and never claimed a penny in benefits nor put a foot wrong. That “public good” is a woolly catch all.


But Geller and Spencer are nasties. Barthes notes:

Their allies include  Babu Suseelan, a Hindu militant who claims that Muslims “breed like rats” but that Islam can be “wiped out”, and it was only bad publicly that prompted the two to cut links with John Joseph Jay, a man who openly called for violence against Muslims and others.

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Jesus and Mohammed weep: The six would be EDL killers are as stupid as they look

EDL killers

EDL leader Tommy Robinson and his deputy Kevin Carroll were in the public gallery to see six Islamists jailed for a bothed attack on their group.

“God save the Queen” shouted Robinson as sentenced was passed.

Someone else shouted “Allahu Akbar”.

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Muswell Hill Mosque: a conspiracy to defame the EDL and other theories presented as facts


WHEN the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre in London’s Muswell Hill was destroyed by fire the media went to work. No-one was in the building at the time of the fire. The letters “EDL” were written on an outside wall. That’s pretty much all we know. But others know more.

BBC: “Al-Rahma Islamic Centre destroyed in ‘hate crime’ fire”

An Islamic centre in north London has been destroyed by a fire in an apparent hate crime attack. The Met Police said the fire, which happened at the Al-Rahma Islamic Centre in Muswell Hill in the early hours, is being treated as suspicious.

A spokesman said the letters EDL (English Defence League) were sprayed on to the building, used by the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association. MP Theresa Villiers said: “This kind of hate crime is absolutely despicable.”

So. It was a hate crime. Fact!

The Sun: “Fire at mosque in Muswell Hill – feared to be EDL attack”

A MOSQUE in north London has been destroyed after a blaze which began in the early hours of this morning – feared to be a revenge attack by the English Defence League.

The Guardian: “Police investigate fire at Islamic community centre in Muswell Hill. Police confirm EDL graffiti found at site of blaze in Muswell Hil, London, as fears increase of reprisals after Woolwich murder”

Scotland Yard said: “The cause of the fire is currently under investigation and is being treated as suspicious at this stage … Graffiti reading EDL has been found on the building. Police are investigating any potential connection between the graffiti and the fire.”…

Until now the EDL has been seen as primarily a public order issue for police.

Isn’t that speculation?

Daily Mirror: “Muswell Hill mosque arson: Counter-terror police probe firebombing after EDL graffiti sprayed on centre”

London Mayor Boris Johnson today condemned firebombers who destroyed a mosque in a suspected EDL revenge attack for the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Who needs an investigation? Job done. It was firebombers.

The Independent: “A right-wing arson attack? ‘EDL’ graffiti found after Muswell Hill mosque is burnt down amid fears of Woolwich connection”

If it proves to be an attack from a far-right group, it will be the most serious so far despite a reported reduction in incidents of reported abuse against the Muslim community following the Woolwich attack that killed Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, on May 22.

Scotland Yard specialist investigators are conducting a fingertip search of the area in Muswell Hill and trying to establish if the daubed paint was linked to the fire, which is currently being treated as “suspicious”.

Chief Superintendent Adrian Usher said: “Obviously a focal point of the investigation will be establishing whether that is connected to the fire”.

That’s the best summing up so far.

HuffPost: “Muswell Hill Mosque Attack Could Be Retaliation For Lee Rigby Murder”

Or it could not be. Or it could have been an insurance job. Or it…

The Times:  “Terror police probe burnt-down Muswell Hill mosque after EDL graffiti found”

Ahmed Sheiba, 22, a helper who went to help to clear up at the centre, said that there was also EDL graffiti on the inside. The arsonists appeared to have broken into the building through a door at the rear.

Graffiti on the inside seems like a fact worth pondering.

Tottenham & Wood Green Journal: “Police not ruling arson out in Muswell Hill mosque fire”

Former Wood Green councillor Fiyaz Mughal, of Faith Matters, a group which monitors anti-Muslim hatred, said: “Bearing in mind this is close to Woolwich, bearing in mind that it houses Islamic activities, bearing in mind that they have found alleged EDL graffiti, there’s a strong likelihood that this could be an anti-Muslim incident.

“It is very concerning when we know that, online, there is a huge amount of anti-Muslim hate. We know that. When it moves into the physical world, it is extremely concerning.”

Mayor of London Boris Johnson:

“I was shocked to learn of the fire at the Bravanese Community Centre in Muswell Hill. There is no place in an open, tolerant and diverse city like London for hate, for prejudice, for violence. I would urge people to give the police the time and space to investigate this incident fully. I have no doubt the Met will bring those responsible to justice. London is a city built on the strength of its communities. Londoners will see this for what it is – cowardly, pathetic and utterly pointless.”

Boris, best to let the police investigate before saying too much.

Daily Express: “A Somali community centre destroyed by fire in Muswell Hill was targeted in a racially motivated attack, according to the Metropolitan Police.”

That’s not what the police said. They said they are investigating.

Channel 4:

However, the Leader of the EDL, ‘Tommy Robinson’, told Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Israel that he was “very sceptical” that his members were behind fire. “It could be Muslims trying to rubbish the EDL. They’ve done it before in Luton”, he said.

By vandalising the inside of a house of worship before burning it down? That likely?

Evening Standard:

A prominent member of the far-Right protest group English Defence League said: “Just because EDL is written on the wall, you can’t point the finger at us. It could have been anyone. The Government is not doing anything so people are taking things into their own hands. I don’t condemn this.”

Don’t condemn burning down a place spirituality. Thankfully, most of us do.

More to follow…

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Woolwich murder fact: the EDL is not the EDF

WHEN the lunatics murdered an off duty British soldier in Woolwich yesterday, the EDL, aka English Defence League, went down there to scream and shout at the police.

EDF, aka Électricité de France, went on twitter:

“Hi. The protest was from EDL (English Defense League) not EDF Energy. Regards”


“Hi Josh. If you are referring to Woolwich the protest was from the English Defense League (EDL) not EDF Engery. Best”


Yeah. Defense. Go EDL! Yayyyy!*

* Spoken in American cheerleader voice.

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Woolwich: EDL attack police in a cock-eyed fight against religious barbarism

Woolwich street attack

SO. How did the UKIP-supporting English Defence League react to the apparently religion-motivated barbaric murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, south London?

Well, Tommy Robinson and EDL supporters gathered outside The Queens Arms pub in Woolwich.

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The anti fascists need the SDL at the Scottish Parliament (photos)

TO Edinburgh, where the Scottish Defence League, scion of the EDL, have held a static rally outside the Scottish Parliament after the council denied permission for a full demonstration. Their shouting was met by a rival protest by anti-fascists. It can be hard to see which side is the least tolerant. The Socialist Worker signs demanded an end to Islamophobia. This is the SW that noted: “I would suggest that perhaps we should face it once and for all: the Jews were responsible for the killing of Jesus who, by the way, was himself a Palestinian Jew”, think Hezbollah are ok and backed the bigoted Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. Fair enough. It’s all about freedom of expression.

The other thing about the SDL  is that ther wer only about 60 of them. There wer around 300 on the Unite Against Fascism march. If it wasn’t for the anti-fascists, the SDL would have been a small group of people stood by a closed building on a Saturday afternoon. Easy to ignore.

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EDL, anti-facists and Gay Pride walk through Bristol – photos

TODAY in Bristol, fans of the English Defence League and the anti-fascist We are Bristol marched and took part in rallies in the city.  Bristol East Labour MP, Kerry McCarthy, told the BBC: “We don’t have that racial hatred or or conflict in this city. Hopefully after today [Saturday] EDL will be sent a very clear message we don’t want them in Bristol.” As those two side screamed, the gay pride march kicked off. One thing is certain: the British do love a good walk. PS – Anyone end up on the wrong march in error? And how long it it take before you noticed?


Picture 1 of 14

EDL supporters gather before marching through Bristol.

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Will a mother lose her baby because she’s in the EDL?

TONI McLeod, a mother of three young children, is due to give birth very soon. McLeod, of Durham, is eight months pregnant. She’s worried. There is a chance that as soon as she give birth, Durham County Council’s social workers will take her child away from her. In May 2012, a court ruled that her three other children should be permanently removed from her care.

Want to guess why? Well, up until 2010, Tony McLeod was a member of the English Defence League (EDL).

Mrs McLeod might not be a sympathetic character, but she could be any of us.

Patrick Hayes cites a report by a Durham social worker that trills:

“Toni needs to break away from the inappropriate friendships she has through the EDL… in order that she can model and display appropriate positive relationships to the baby as he/she develops.

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Jeremy Clarkson, the EDL and a liberal anti-racist Daily Star

JEREMY Clarkson is in a “NEW RACE ROW” says the Daily Star, the paper that until recently supported the English Defence League and warned us of Muslim only toilets in Rochdale. Has Top Gear presenter Clarkson been not racist enough?

GOBBY Jeremy Clarkson stormed into another race row last night after making fun of drowned Chinese cockle pickers.

Is that racist of just offensive? John Ward adds:

And his latest outburst came after the Daily Star Sunday discovered he had posed for a snap with the leader of the racist English Defence League.

Is that the same EDL the Daily Star said 99% of its readers would pick at the ballot box?

The 51-year-old was slammed after joking about dead Chinese immigrants in his regular newspaper column. He tastelessly compared synchronised swimmers to the 21 cockle pickers who were killed in rising tides in Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, in 2004.

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Tohseef Shah, Emdadur Choudhury, Poppy Burners And EDL Mosque Vandals

AN email doing the rounds claims two men have been sentenced to six months choky for daubing a big red poppy on the side of the Portsmouth Jami Mosque:

In May 2010 Tohseef Shah spray painted a British War Memorial with “Islam will dominate Osama” he was fined £50 & walked free from court.

In November 2010, Emdadur Choudhury burned a Poppy during the 2mins silence. He too was given a fine, £50 and walked free from court.

Last week in a Portsmouth Court, 2 men were sentenced to 6 months in prison for painting a Poppy on a mosque.

Pass this on if you think its a f*ck*n disgrace !!

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Police Make EDL V Blackburn Anti-Racists An All Ticket Affair

ONLY 3,000 people will be allowed to attend the English Defence League v BADUAR (Blackburn and Darwen Unite Against Racism) in Blackburn this Saturday.

As reader Karen asks:

How the hell are they going to impose that? Tickets only?

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Has The Daily Star Turned The EDL Into A Political Party?

IS Daily Star and its rebel reporter Richard Peppiatt’s legacy the chance for citizens to vote for the English Defence League?

Peppiatt told us that the Star’s story that the EDL was looking at democracy was not based on fact. Beneath the headline “ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE TO BECOME POLITICAL PARTY,”  we were told:

THE English Defence League is set to break into mainstream politics with a bid to get MPs in Parliament.

Peppiatt wrote:

“…this incendiary tale was twisted and bent to fit an agenda seemingly decided before the EDL’s leader Tommy Robinson had even been interviewed… Asked if his group were to become a political party I was told the ex-BNP goon had replied: “Not for now”. But further up the newsprint chain it appears a story, too good to allow the mere spectre of reality to restrain, was spotted.”

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The EDL Hit Rochdale With Stories Of Peadophile Muslims: Richard Peppiatt’s Daily Star Might Like It

THE English Defence League were demonstrating against Muslims outside Rochdale Town Hall by the town’s cenotaph today. Unite Against Fascism were, as ever, there to counter the EDL. There were 35 arrests.

But why was  the EDL there? The local Rochdale paper tells us:

A speaker from the EDL spoke through a tannoy and said that the EDL were there because of recent reports about child sexual exploitation in Rochdale.

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Muslim Poppy Day Burners Sicken Those Free To Be Offended

TO Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court, where Mohammad Haque and Emdadur Choudhury are accused of burning poppies on the anniversary of Armistice Day. Mr Haque is not a smack head nor is he a policeman torching the seized contraband; he is a member of the Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).

It is alleged that on November 11 at Kensington Gore, Haque and Choudhury employed threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within hearing or sight of persons who could be alarmed or distressed by this.

On a video shown in court Muslim men can be heard chanting during the two minute silence:

“Burn, burn British soldiers, British soldiers burn in hell.”

“British soldiers – murderers, British soldiers – rapists, British soldiers – terrorists.”

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EDL In Luton: Cameron’s ‘Race War’ And The Muslim Fascist

THE EDL massed in Luton and there was very little violence. The mainstream media was excited at the prospect of mayhem:

Fears Of Violence At Extreme Right Protest,” yelled the Sky News headline.

The EDL marches in Luton today. Hold your breath,” ordered the Guardian

But there were no significant incidents“. this may in part have something to do with the police moving “to seal the EDL in to St George’s Square” with metal barriers.

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EDL March Anti-Islam March In Luton: In Photos

TO Luton, where members of the English Defence League are protesting against Islam in St George’s Square. In the media the talk is for violence. Or is it hope – violence sells newspapers? There are around between 2,500 and 7,000  members of the EDL on the streets. There are around 1,000 members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) there to oppose them:

“Fears Of Violence At Extreme Right Protest” – Sky
“The EDL marches in Luton today. Hold your breath” – Guardian

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Luton: Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly Linked To Pastor Terry Jones And The EDL

LUTON is in the news. Police are stationed outside a property on Argyll Avenue in Luton, Bedfordshire. Iraqi-born Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly is the name linked to the suicide attack that killed two people in Stockholm. He passed some years studying in Luton, at the University of Bedfordshire.

His wife and children still live there. His wife, Mona, is a Swedish citizen.

Luton was the place where the July 7 bombers, based in West Yorkshire, met before travelling up to London to murder.

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