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Edmonton Murder: Palmira Silva’s Alleged Killer Nicholas Salvador Is No Longer a Muslim

IS Nicholas Salvador Muslim? When news of Palmira Silva’s murder broke, the Press lead with the story that she’d been “beheaded” in her Edmonton, North London, garden.

The Sun saw the suspect’s religion as a key fact.


muslim silva edmonton



The Mail reported that she’d not been beheaded. Mrs Silva had been “almost decapitated”.

All gruesome.

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Edmonton Murder: The Bearded Muslim Beheader Is Not A Muslim

THE Edmonton Garden Murder: A look at reporting on the murder of Palmira Silva allegedly by one Nicholas Salvadore.

Reports are replete with news that Mrs Silva was “beheaded”. But other news says she was “almost decapitated” in a frenzied attack.

Sky News suggests Mrs Silva was already dead before she was beheaded:


Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 09.03.30



The Mirror: “‘The bogeyman”: Edmonton machete murderer who beheaded gran alleged to be cage fighter ‘Fat Nick'”

The boygeyman? The alleged killer of 82-year-old Mrs Silva is now a figure of fantasy rather than the Sun’s “Muslim”.



Screen shot 2014-09-05 at 09.24.12


Indeed, the Mirror does not mention the alleged killer’s religion once.

Nicholas Salvadore has been described by locals as “the local bogeyman” whom people would “stay away from”… Aspiring cage fighter Nicholas Salvadore, known to pals as “Fat Nick”, was tonight under armed guard in hospital having psychological tests after being held over the 82-year-old’s gruesome murder.

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Earth Hour Winners: Edmonton Increases Power Use By 1.01%

WHAT did you do for Earth Hour? In Canada, the electricity fast for Gaia could have gone better:

Edmonton failed to post a drop in power usage during Saturday night’s Earth Hour.

Usage actually increased by 1.01% compared to the same time last week.

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