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Election News Round Up: Cameron Meets The Queen And Brown Stays

THE Election fail continues to entertain the media. And because all the hacks know now all about the country’s constitution, the laws and the deals, readers can get all the facts.

Daily Star (front page): “IT’S GORD RIDDANCE”

Con-Lib deal kicks Brown out of No 10

So, Gordon Brown has gone. Fact. It’s at times like these that we turn to the organ of historical record, like Automated Trader:

UK Election update: Talks between Tories and Lib Dems to continue today

Monarchists Seize Power: Prince Harry Gets His Wings In Pictures

The Telegraph rubs its chin and observes:

Five of the last seven American presidents have been left-handed, as well as David Cameron, the Conservative leader.

Such are the facts. Anyhow, back to Brown.

The Sun (front page): “BROWN MONDAY”

“Fears for £ as Gord hijacks Lib talks”

The pound is shafted, Right?

Forex Pros:

The pound rose against the U.S. dollar on Monday, erasing some of its recent losses after Britain’s Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties said they were close to agreeing on a deal that would allow David Cameron to take power.

Or as the Mail’s ridiculous Peter Oborne puts it:

As Britain wakes up this morning to financial markets in turmoil, the need for stability and strong government has seldom been greater.

And the need for decent journalism based on facts remains negligible, Peter?

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