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Elen Rivas And Christine Bleakley row about Frank Lampard’s kids on twitter

CHELSEA player Frank Lampard is at the centre of a twitter spat between Elen Rivas, his ex fiancée and mother to his two daughters, and shiny TV presenter Christine Bleakley.

Rivas has used the privacy of twitter to accuse Bleakely, now engaged to Lampard, of “trying to stop his children from speaking to their mother over Christmas”. Rivas says this is “sad“.

From her holiday retreat in India, Rivas, apparently, wanted to get in touch with her daughters, six-year-old (Over La)  Luna and Isla, aged four, on Christmas Eve. She snipes:

”You would have thought the girlfriend would have a little maternal understanding…”

Bleakley rises above it by, er, retweeting a tweet from a pal of hers called Jill Morgan:

“Looks like someone is up to their old tricks again, telling lies!! Have an amazing Xmas @clbleakley with frank & the girls! C u nxt wk xxxx.”

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Peter Andre Didn’t Hump Elen Rivas While His Children Watched

PETER Andre is a modern day saint. Think about it. He had sexual relations with Katie Price so no-one else had to. He really took one for the team while Jordan fell on the metaphorical sword.

Of course, Price went off with Alex Reid, attracted to his womanly frame and the fact that he was so dumb that he couldn’t spot that he was nothing more than bait to make Peter Andre jealous. This saw Andre crying on Sky News at the hands of the monster that is Kay Burley.

Then, secretly, Pete started going out with Elen Rivas. Sadly for him, everyone had kinda guessed it already.

About the fact he was keeping this relationship a secret, Andre says:

“I never let them see Elen and I in bed together, not ever.”

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Peter Andre And Elen Rivas Split: Canned Air And Jimmy Savile Seep Out

MORE disingenuous news with OK!, as the cover announces new of Peter Andre and Elen Rivas, who have been sharing bodily fluids and an agent:


You might expect the headline to end with an elipse:

Peter And Elen Sudden Separation Form Reality.

But on Page 78, we learn that they pair have separated – he’s gone on holiday to Dubai with his kidzzzz. She’s gone to a “London Oscars party”.

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Elen Rivas And Peter Andre’s First Data: Intimate Photos

PETER Andre and Elen Rivas are “CRAZY ABOUT EACH OTHER”.

This news comes with:


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Elen Rivas And Pete Andre Do It – But Not In Front Of The Kidzzz

HOW are Elen Rivas (formerly Frank Lampard’s WAG) and Peter Andre (formerly Mr Katie Price)  getting along now that they are sharing not only a management company but juices and column inches?

Dan Wootton, of the NoTW, says the pair are “getting serious”. Says Wootton:

They often spend the night together, but are careful to shield their children from any intimacy as the romance develops.

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London Marathon Pictures: Princess Beatrice, No Drugs Tests And

A LIFETIME into the BBC’s televised London Marathon and Sue Barker is trailing the Badminton Horse Trials. This is how telly used to be before the BBC closed down with a burst of the National Anthem: patrician, patronising and prosaic.

As for the runners, there are few things more boring that watching people run around, unless they are puking their guts out from both ends under Tower Bridge, pulling off their toenails along with their running shoes or a celebrity.


Picture 1 of 24

Princess Beatrice at the start of The London Marathonin Blackheath, London.

Here’s a question: are celebrities drugs tested before and after they run the Marathon? Do you get tested for testosterone on the course? And where do you get testosterone from: a friend; the Goucho Club; toilet seats?

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