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Tiger Woods Crash: After Rachel Uchitel Meet Jaimee Grubbs

tigersjaimeeTIGER Woods Crash: Having introduced Elin Nodegren’s Kobe Grip And Rachel Uchitel’s denial, now hear from Jamiee Grubbs. Oh, nominative determinism is at it again.

Before we hear from Jaimee know that the Celebrity Police Force is to charge Tiger Woods with “careless driving” and failing to give them an autogaph.

Anorak’s Man in LA takes up the story of Ms Grubbs, Grubb Street’s new favourite date:

THE flood gates are open, and all of Tiger Woods’ mistresses are pouring out and into the public eye.

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Tiger Woods Car Crash: Elin Nodegren’s Kobe Grip And Rachel Uchitel Denies

woods-elin-happyEVER since Tiger Woods crashed his car into a tree golfers have been celebrating the news that golf is not a boring sport for misogynists on milk floats. Golf is edgy and dangerous. Golf writers have been weeping for joy that finally they can write about something other than a ball going into a hole and how a grown man shakes hands with his wood.

The story so far, featuring swimsuit-clad Elin Nordegren and not Rachel Uchitel: The Tiger Woods minor car crash news round-up

Daily Express (front page): “Police to interview Tiger’s wife Elin over his mystery car crash”

No need, coppers because over on the Daily Mail’s front page we learn:

“I’m to blame, not my wife, says Tiger”

But what can we blame him for – turning Roger Federer into the world’s dullest sporstman and inviting the Swiss ace’s wife to test those racket strings against his car windscreen? (Yesterday, police spokesman Kim Montes said both rear passenger windows on the luxury vehicle had been smashed.) Again the answer comes on another front page, this time the Telegraph’s:

“Breaking cover: The girls said to be Tiger’s birdie”.

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