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Natalie Cassidy: OK, All I Need For Christmas Is A Ho Ho Ho (No Pun Intended)

SKY News reported today on how a recent study has shown that “new mothers are turning to alcohol because they feel under pressure to be super Mums”. They didn’t actually say where the study came from which made me wonder if they just made it up or if the source of their story came from this week’s OK! magazine?

In an interview published in OK! today Natalie Cassidy talks of her use of alcohol while bringing up her daughter Eliza.

The clue to just how cheesy this interview gets comes in the main picture which shows Natalie taking a tray of freshly made mince pies from her grubby oven whilst perching ginger haired Eliza on her hip.

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Posted: 13th, December 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment