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Liberace And Elvis Jam On Guitar And Piano In 1956

NOVEMBER 1 1965:

Liberace, piano virtuoso who became known as Mr. Showmanship, is shown with Elvis Presley at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas in November, 1956. (AP Photo)




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Why People Moaning About Susan Boyle And Elvis Are Stupid And Wrong


PART-TIME music snobs have been tutting and sighing about the imminent Christmas single featuring both Susan Boyle and Elvis. They think Elvis represents something sanctified and Boyle, something awful. These people, clearly, have little knowledge in either and, in fact, don’t realise how this duet makes a whole load of sense.

When asked about the duet, Susan Boyle was as puzzled as anyone, saying: “To sing with Elvis, I didn’t think it would be possible… isn’t technology brilliant? Dueting with Elvis was beyond my wildest dreams and now that this is able to raise money and help children, it is simply fantastic.”

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Susan Boyle’s Christmas LP to feature Elvis’ ghost

elvis boyleREMEMBER when everyone didn’t think Susan Boyle could sing because she wasn’t a young woman with an attractive face, wearing a snapback cap hi-tops? Then she sang with that soaring Radio 2 voice and everyone felt a bit bad, before continuing to continually talk about her looks because we’d learned nothing?

Well, while everyone has been working out whether they’re arseholes or not, Susan has been conquering the world with her easy-listening, raking in huge amounts of cash and forgetting all about us sausage roll dribbling plebs who have to queue up for things and worry about our mobile bills.

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Photos: Elvis Spotted At Amy Winehouse Convention

PHOTO of the day featues Elvis Presley at an Amy Winehouse convention. The Elvis in the middle’s back hair is impressive, is it not. Also be impressed by the the other photos in the gallery of the weird:

Elvis Presley At 75: In 75 Rare Pictures

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Gordon Brown Wants To Be Serious: Now For Elvis

GORDON Brown wants to focus on the real issues. Every Labour nodding head pops up on the telly to say Gordon Brown is about “substance“. We don’t know what the substance is but it might well be sausage stuffing and bits of herring. Says Gordon:

The focus on style is one thing but in the end people go for substance.

And now for Elvis…

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Elvis Presley At 75: In 75 Rare Pictures

HAD he lived – which he did – Elvis Presley would be 75 today. Old Mr Anorak saw Elvis just yesterday. He knew it was Elvis because the man sat in the Sainsbury’s café kept swivelling the toe of his left foot on the lino and also because he was immensely fat. Meanwhile,. I was in Baker Street looking at Asian Elvis, Geordie Elvis, Jewish Elvis and Sicilian Elvis celebrated Elvis Presley’s 75th Birthday outside an Elvis shop. Then a Taliban Elvis arrived and murdered everyone… Pictures:

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Linsday Lohan And Mischa Barton’s Death Battle

img005FOR the first time in weeks, the National Enquirer leads with no picture of Angelina Jolie. And she should not be downhearted because the cover is dominated by the headline: “WHO’LL DIE FIRST?

Readers are invited to pick from Mischa Barton, Kirstie Alley, Lindsay Lohan, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Tori Spelling, The Hoff, Pamela Anderson and Simon Cowell.

With no dead star for a while, the NE is inviting readers to help it decide which obits to have ready by pressing F1 to F9 on the keyboard.

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Rumours Of Barry Manilow’s Death Unfounded

manilow-thinBARRY Manilow is alive and well. Anorak’s Man In Las Vegas brings news:

Barry Manilow announced today he’s quitting his long-time engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton, two days after he sent a memo to his fan club saying he’s not sick (just a “skinny guy” who’s “filled with energy” and still has his hair) and a day after he launched a subscription website to show archival footage of his past concerts.

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