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Tiger Woods’ British ‘Lover’ Emma Rotherham: In Pictures

emma-rotherhamTIGER Woods’s “secret British lover” is, allegedly, Emma Rotherham. Ever since the rumours of a British shag hit the media, we’ve been waiting for the denials. Katie Price. Cherie Blair. Sarah Ferguson. Edwina Currie. Amy Winehouse. Not one of them denied shagging Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods’ Women (Alleged)

But now we learn that the secret lover is Emma Rotherham, a “curvy” 42-year-old blonde British mum of two who Tiger paid $500,000 to not shag ‘n’ tell. Emma is the 19th hole linked to Woods. They met at Orlando’s Blue Martini club. Emmas was wearing “a tight black jump suit”.

Tiger Woods’ Women (Alleged)

Says a source:

“Emma was his most recent mistress. They had a very, very passionate relationship and she has dozens of text messages and emails from him. Some were even sent while Tiger was trying to patch things up with his wife Elin. If those came out they’d bury him. He absolutely adored Emma and loved the sex. So did she.

“And as she lived near his Florida home in Isleworth she was always on call. They were at it all the time. Emma said Tiger was a great lover. But he never wore a condom, and she didn’t take any precautions.”

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