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Emma West: Sun guns for mentally ill woman but is silent on its in-house ‘nutters’

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HOW did the Sun report on Emma West, the woman who became YouTube’s Tram Lady on account of her racist rant on New Addington public transport? At the time of her vile rant we commented that she looked not all that well. It turns that that she isn’t.

Emma West will pay for her crime. She will not be raped and murdered as many on Twitter wanted

Remi Ogunfowora, prosecuting, told Croydon Crown Court of a May 15, 2013, attack on her partner Ricky Metson:

“Mr Metson put his hands up in front of him to protect himself and told her to calm down. She said she was going to call her mum and ran upstairs and Mr Metson followed. As he entered the room she picked up an ornamental knife from its sheath, struck him in the head and started slashing at his body. He slapped her around the face in self-defence to try and calm her down and went downstairs. She followed him down the stairs and stabbed him in the back at least twice. She tried to run out the house and he stopped her leaving and called the police… Mr Metson suffered two puncture wounds on his back and various slash and scratch wounds over his stomach, head, back of his neck, arms and legs. When officers tried to arrest Miss West she started to kick them.”

She sounds dangerously unstable.

The Croydon Guardian reports:

Mr Metson is standing by West after her attack on him, and was with her at court on Monday.

This is Croydon adds:

Right wing groups such as the National Front and British National Party had adopted her cause after she was charged with a racially aggravated public order offence in November 2011. West’s barrister said their support – including sending her flowers and cheques – had “greatly distressed” his client and led her try and take her own life.

Her deteriorating mental health led to concerns for her safety and that of her family, fears which were realised last month when she stabbed her husband Ricky Metson with a knife – while on bail – after he intervened in her latest attempt to self-harm. Mr Metson suffered superficial injuries after incident at their home in Grenville Road, New Addington, on May 15.


West, who has suffered from depression since she was 18, was admitted to a psychiatric ward in Foxley Lane, Purley, in September 2011. Following her release she had been receiving support at the Tamworth Road Resource Centre, in West Croydon. It was as West returned from one of these sessions with her four-year-old son that racially abused passengers in a packed tram.


Croydon Crown Court has previously heard that West, a former dental receptionist, had taken a double dose of her medication at the time of the incident, which is believed to have occurred on October 18 last year.

None of that excuses her behaviour. But it might make us more compassionate towards her. Mental illness is nothing to mock.

But this is what the Sun said:

A MUM whose racist rant on a tram horrified millions on YouTube has finally admitted her guilt – as it is revealed she also stabbed her husband and attacked a cop.

Emma West, 34, a former dental nurse from Croydon, pleaded guilty last month to stabbing and slashing her husband Ricky Metson and assaulting a police officer. On Monday she also pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated public order offence when she appeared at Croydon Crown Court – 18 MONTHS after the incident. More than 2.2million people

The Sun makes no mention of her mental health. It does not say that the wounds she inflicted were superficial and that her partner of 12 years is supporting her. It does not say that she was suicidal and suffers from depression, a hideous and misunderstood condition.

On the same day as West was pleading guilty to to hurling racist abuse, Virginia Wheeler was not in Southwark Crown Court to answer charges of phone hacking.

The Crown dropped its case against Virginia Wheeler, 34, who, allegedly, acted as a contact at the Sun for a crooked police officer with secrets to sell. Her prosecution was deemed not to be in the public interest for medical reasons.

James Wood, QC, for Ms Wheeler, said: “Had it not been for these matters, I would like to put on the record that Ms Wheeler would have vigorously contested these proceedings.”

You see, mental health is a big issue. When an alleged criminal is mentally ill, the State is not insensitive towards them. The Sun, on the other hand, monsters the sufferer. Unless they work in the same building, that is, in which case they get total privacy, good lawyers and care…

PS_  You can read about John Kay here (but not in the Sun). He’s the Sun employee who drowned his wife.

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Croydon tram lady Emma West pleads guilty to racist behaviour – tweeters escape

emma westEMMA West, 34, the New Addington Tram Lady whose racist rant was recorded and published on the internet has appeared at Croydon Crown Court. In the dock, she pleaded guilty to racially-aggravated disorderly behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

She told the court that the British National Party had offered her its support. Sh’e received flowers and cheques from the BNP. This, she said, had caused her distress.

She will be sentenced on 24 June.

She was arrested on 28 November 2011 after the video was uploaded onto YouTube.

The wheels of justice move slowly.

Now she’s been dealt with, what about the police dealing with the tweeters who wanted her raped and murdered?


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Sam Main And Alan Pollock Join The Emma West Public Transport Society: And We Support Team Main (Video)

THE Emma West Public Transport Society calls Sam Main. The student from Falkirk, central Scotland, was physically thrown off a Scotsrail train from Edinburgh to Perth by, as is alleged, one Allan Pollock. Main did not have the right ticket and the conductor said the train would not move until Main disembarked.

The conductor asks, “Why should they pay and not you?”

Is the answer: because they are mugs paying through the nose for a third-rate service?

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Emma West: My Britain Is F*ck All Now Is A Christmas Hit

HAVING written the Queen’s Christmas Speech – “My Britain is fuck all now” – Croydon Tram nasty Emma West will not make the seasonal number 1 spot her own:

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Croydon Tube Bigot Emma West Supported In Court By BNP’s Foreign-Born Mayoral Candidate

EMMA West, the New Addington mum filmed racially abusing fellow passengers on a Croydon tram – and then subjected to a Twitter Hunt by tolerant types who want to rape her and shoot her dead – has appeared at Croydon Magistrates’ Court in south London today charged with a racially aggravated public order offence.

West’s solicitor David Ewings asked for her to be bailed. But magistrate Ian McNeal denied it – for her own safety.

Yep. Intolerance will not be tolerated to such a degree that young mother who made herself look like a bigoted pillock is locked up for her own good.

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Is Emma West A Victim Of A Twitter Hunt? Tweeters Want My Tram Experience Woman Raped, Shot And Knifed

EMMA West, 34, of New Addington, has been changed with a racially-aggravated public order offence for her racist rant on the Croydon-to-Wimbledon Tramlink route.

She will appear before Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

The Sun calls her the “Mother Of All Racists”. And that seems harsh on her son, who says nothing throughout his mum’s tirade, preferring to play with his (white) action doll.

It was Kate Hollignsworth who recorded the episode. She later tweeted:

“Ok so this women’s been arrest[ed]. I guess my video was a success. This has caused quite a bit of hype.”

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