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The weirdest Donald Trump handshake battle yet

When Donald Trump met Emmanuel Macron in Paris, France, the handshake battle was weird and intense:

When will someone just get a false hand up their sleeve and let him have it when he tugs hard?

donald trump handshake

Posted: 14th, July 2017 | In: Key Posts, Politicians | Comment

Daily Express: Macron win overshadowed by breaking Broccoli news

Having supported UKIP and Marine Le Pen’s Presidential bid (she was backed by former UKIP and Express columnist leader Nigel Farage) – “Good news for the UK’ EU trembles as Marine Le Pen victory would make pound STRONGER” (April 17);  “‘It will be GAME OVER’ Le Pen victory will DESTROY European Union’, warns former Italian PM” (March 1); “Marine Le Pen will BREAK DOWN the European Union even if she LOSES, experts claim” (April 23) – how does the Daily Express cover the news that Le Pen lost and Emmanuel Macron won in France?

Answer: with Broccoli.


express macron

Posted: 8th, May 2017 | In: Politicians, Tabloids | Comment